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    30.48 cm
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    Ginger is named from the fact that the creator's parents wanted to name their child that at first, before the father reverted to the name "Tabbatha" instead.

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Dinos are love. Dinos are life.

About Me


Raptor Queen || Cis/Pan || 23 || 4'10" || UCSB || Paleontologist


Get a free sketch with every coffee you buy me! ❤️

Who are you?
Hello all! My name is Tabbatha. I'm a 23 year old who graduated with paleontology at the University of California, Santa Barbara! My birthday is August 16, 1996 which makes me a Leo in astrology and a Rat in the Chinese Zodiac! I'm also 4'10" (1.47m) tall, which means I'm smol

I'm Taiwanese (50%), Vietnamese (25%), and Filipino (25%), but also have very small traces of French and Spanish!

I'm also Cis/Pansexual, but I'm very open to all of the LGBTQ+ communities since I have lots of friends of varying sexualities/gender identities!

I have a boyfriend who's studying to be an archaeologist and we both love to play video games (though he's more competitive about it lmao)

Who is Ginger?
She's my main fursona/dinosona that represents who I am as an individual! She's basically just me/my personality in dinosaur form. XD

She's a Velociraptor mongoliensis and you can find out all of her information here: toyhou.se/1091610.ginger-dinos…

You will most likely see her on every social media platform of mine, which you can find at the top of my page!

Why study paleontology?
Ever since I was a small child (basically like 2 years old), I wanted to be a "dinosaur doctor," which eventually lead to me realizing that that was actually just a paleontologist. XD

I watched a lot of Land Before Time (was probably my first movie series to ever watch) and I absolutely fell in love with the Sharp Tooth characters, which fueled my ever-growing love for dinosaurs in general. I'm honestly very thrilled and blessed to have been able to get into my field of interest and especially go on wonderful adventures with my fellow classmates to find out more about these awesome creatures and their ecology. ❤️

While I'm still deciding on what to do in my near future, my dream goal is to travel to China to study the dinosaurs there, (considering most of what they find there are the feathered ones), since those are my favs ❤️ If not though, I would still love to work in a museum and do field or lab research!

What's your favorite dinosaur?
I feel like this should be obvious since Ginger is one, but my fav has always been Velociraptor. NO NOT CAUSE OF JURASSIC PARK (I mean it helped, but I MEAN)

After discovering that they may have had feathers, I was just ecstatic and yeah XD I SWEAR I'M NOT GENERIC I JUST REALLY LIKE THEM OKAY

In general though, I really like all dromaeosaurids + maniraptors and just avian dinosaurs overall.

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