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Status Updates posted by Temrin

  1. There are only a couple days left to sign up for August content at patreon.com/Temrin! Sign up before 11:59 PM PDT July 31st & get bonus access to ALL 4 HIGH RES VERSIONS (2 are paid exclusive) of my Breast Cancer Awareness piece (comes in SFW and NSFW versions) from July!

    $20 merch folks get to choose any ver as a print for their upcoming pack!
  2. ??UPDATES!??

    ?Vendors: Apps open July 10th, 12pm Pacific - Updated info/instructions at https://cozycononline.com/#vendors

    ?Panelists: Apps (including DJ's) open July 10th, 12pm Pacific - Info at https://cozycononline.com/#events
  3. A reminder that i'm participating in Art Fight this year! Second year doing it and i'll be on team Spice though i'm cool with friendly fire.
    Follow me at https://artfight.net/~Temrin-Sanjem

    And if you wanna know what art fight is, it's basically gamified gift art/trades. They have videos and FAQ's on how it works https://artfight.net/info/about so go read that. :)
  4. Hey all! I wont be streaming on my weekly Thursday slot this week because I'm prepping for an event NEXT week, and I'll be streaming Thursday AND Friday and have special sales, etc so stay tuned for info coming soon!
  5. So I guess i'm on Pillowfort now! Find me at https://www.pillowfort.social/Temrin !
    I've been meaning to join for a while but didn't get around to it. This recent resurgence of chatter about it reminded me, SO, there I am.
    I'm not sure exactly what i'm going to do with it yet outside of posting art to it but who knows. :)
  6. For anyone not aware, and to post about the new dedicated discord server (instead of being a sub category within another) for the upcoming online con, CozyCon!

    CozyCon 2020 May 2 & 3

    Vendors and Panel/Event Subs Close April 15th!

    Telegram: t.me/CozyCon
    Discord: discord.gg/HWY6VDM
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CozyConOnline
    Facebook: https://fb.me/CozyConOnline
  7. An article with some info about some online events, including CozyCon and some others! Check em out!

  8. Kickstarter update! New Digital Thank you tier available! All info at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/temrin/cartoon-animal-hard-enamel-pins/posts/2764919

    A big thanks to the folks who have pledged with no reward just to help out. Ya'll are amazing <3 Please go change your reward to this tier so i can thank you for your generosity with a gift!
  9. Holy moly all! You all are amazing! 40% funded, limited early backer rewards left, all info at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/temrin/cartoon-animal-hard-enamel-pins/posts/2763638
  10. The Animal Pins are LIVE FOR A LIMITED TIME at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/temrin/cartoon-animal-hard-enamel-pins !

    ►First 15 Kickstarter backers get a bonus pin!
    ►First 35 Kickstarter backers get a random animal vinyl #sticker (Patrons at https://www.patreon.com/temrin get to choose their sticker!)

    ►Check out the twitter post at https://twitter.com/WildElements/status/1230976775573905409 for a free pin giveaway if the project is successful! Ships worldwide and winner gets to choose from unlocked pins AND the bonus pin by Transfurence

  11. A reminder that today is the LAST DAY to get in on Feb goodies and commission slots (1 currently open) over on patreon.com/temrin !

    Don't miss out!
  12. 1 slot has opened up at https://www.patreon.com/join/Temrin/checkout?rid=3421806 to get monthly telegram stickers or other commission types! Don't miss out!
    Patreon |Ko-fi | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Discord | Telegram

    Announcement Challenge is up and already started thanks to some awesome patrons/fans!

    Join us for our second Artist Reveal Event of Issue 6!

    Lots of goodies available to all supporters and all the proceeds go right back into the project to make it happen.

    Everything takes place over onKo-fi ! You can ask Zinnie questions and make letter guesses RIGHT NOW, updates just might not happen frequently until Friday.

    Issues 1-5 are now available in our store!

    Want to get future physical issues, garuanteed? GET YOURS HERE
    Patreon |Ko-fi | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Discord | Telegram

    Artist reveal event this weekend! All proceeds go right back into making this zine happen and every purchase gets goodies in return like the sticker pack, challenge guesses, cheap preorders of issue 6, etc!

    Everything takes place over onKo-fi ! You can ask Zinnie questions and make letter guesses RIGHT NOW, updates just might not happen frequently until Friday.

    Issues 1-5 are now available in our store!

    Want to get future physical issues, garuanteed? GET YOURS HERE
  15. I'M SO EXCITED to share something awesome with you folks on August 10th~ Stay tuned around 9am pacific! Aaaaah!
  16. Wow guys! We're $8 away from the 3rd goal on https://www.patreon.com/Temrin ! This goal will 100% cover my rent costs and will unlock monthly patreon requests streams for $2+ folks AND a celebratory image! Merch bundles are open and more! <3 Shares are super appreciated <3
  17. 1 Milestone down, 2 to go, with special edition art from our revealed cover artist TrixksIllustr !
    EVERY supporter gets goodies & It's all in CAD (cheaper for some folk!)

    $3CAD+/~2.2USD (1 Kofi) gets our telegram #sticker pack & all unlocked content at the end of the event!
    $6CAD+/~$4.5USD (2 Kofi) gets you the Issue 6 #zine preorder at SALE PRICE! (40% off of regular price once issue is released so don't wait!)

    Get it all at https://ko-fi.com/cszine

    All proceeds go right back into making this zine happen!
  18. Special Offer!

    Get a FREE sticker of your choice by joining a $5+ tier on my Patreon before August 1st!

    BONUS: Join the merch tier & get double the stickers!
    EXTRA BONUS: All $5+ folks starting in August get the 2018 Yearbook PDF!

    All info at https://www.patreon.com/posts/28500341 !

    You can even get your name in the credit of patreon supported projects like these lovely folks!
    Bozo Lummox
  19. Subscribing to my Picarto stream has it's perks! If i can get $20 in subscribers before August 9th, then some fun features are going live! Watch my page at https://picarto.tv/Temrin for streaming notifications either way! (And yes, these perks are also available to patrons on Patreon as well! So whichever platform you prefer, it's there!)

    If I get $20 in subscribers by August 9th 2019:

    All Viewers
    ●Multi Artist Streams
    (may have other perks!)
    ●No stream ads
    ●1 2-6hr raffle stream/2 weeks

    ●Free sketch raffles EVERY stream
    ●1 stream emoji poll /month
    ●Occasional commission spots
    ●More in goals below

    Subscriber Milestones
    ❶ $50/mo in subscribers
    ●+1 flat col raffle upgrade /month, my choice
    ❷ $80/mo in subscribers
    ●1 Patron/Subscriber themed/character emoji /2 months.
    ❸ $100/mo in subscribers
    ●+1 simple shade raffle upgrade /month, my choice
    ❹ $120/mo in subscribers
    ●Upgrade to weekly streams with raffles

    Note: You do have to be present in the stream for the raffle to include you.
    I will remove recent winners from the list so that everyone gets a chance at something if they are present in the streams.
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