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  1. Hey! I'm ... Just bad with introductions haha. Name's Nebel on here, sharing it with my Fursona. I'm 24, female and bisexual, currently working my way through art, but I do work as a pet groomer and vet assistant in the meanwhile (?) I'm from Spain so excuse my English if I make any mistakes. It's my first time in the fandom, I'm not really sure how it works, I'm pretty much a newbie here heh. Just thought it would be cool to get to know other people with same interests. I have always liked animals and anthro art, but never really thought about becoming a furry until recently. My Fursona's name is Nebel as well, and she's a Squeegon, kind of a mixture between wolf, ferret and dragon, a creature I created long ago (I actually have more OCs sharing this species) I think that's all? Hope we can get along and have a nice time together! Thank you very much
  2. HTNebel


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