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  1. Recently I have been thinking about the value of time.
    I keep noticing more and more how many people don't seem to realise how precious and important it is.

    I haven't been very active in communities where i intended to be, since I didn't really have the time to do so
    Nevertheless, this helped me understand which ones weren't "for me" and how much time I want to invest on them.

    So, I decided I don't have time to invest on Inkbunny anymore.
    The site is quite empty and I don't agree with their policies... I wasn't allowed to share some of my drawings over there and this (unsurprisingly) annoys me a lot.

    For these reasons, I won't be using it anymore. I have emptied my gallery there. I will still hang around quite actively on the sites I chose to stay on, and I'll be try to become part of their communities a little more.

    1. Spazz Dragon

      Spazz Dragon

      Especially these days when everything is flying by so fast. Its hard to keep up with everything. I certainly hope you are able to enjoy your time here on FLO.

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