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  1. N..nu uh is a loin cloth <w>
  2. Hey coot butt owo

  3. Hi there! I'm Hyper. I'm a cat. A Serval cat to be to be exact...that almost rhymes. Anywho! I just wanted to greet myself! I'm a derp boi who likes vimeo games and furry things. I used to RP but I don't really anymore, if you're interested in something though, don't be afraid to come say hello! Hey I'm getting better at this rhyming thing! I do also write stories, I partake in DND, and I uh...meow. A lot. Because cat :3 Feel free to message or to post your own goofy thoughts below. Maybe if I earn enough fur friend peoples I can start streaming when I game the plays. SO...ye. Hai :3 Hab this picture of me on a thrown with a crown derping over my ear :3
  4. hypersexy

    Friendly Selfie

    Felt Cute, might kiss Jay later~

    © All Chars belong to Me and Jaybebs

  5. hypersexy

    Sfw Hyper ref!

    As bland as the title implies owo

    © All Chars belong to Me

  6. hypersexy

    Riding the dragon~

    That is..not what he had in mind~ But it'll work for me~

    © All Chars belong to Me and SpazzDragon

  7. *SMOOOCH*

    1. Spazz Dragon

      Spazz Dragon

      Hey love. Go make your profile sexy! 

    2. hypersexy


      Must Comish a cover image owo

    3. Spazz Dragon

      Spazz Dragon

      Yes. Lets go poke magic about it. 😄 I have ideas already. 

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