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  1. KaePotassium

    Commissions are open

    I can draw sfw or nsfw refer here for things I can and cannot draw: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/kaepotassium/
  2. From where I am, no one's hoarding toilet paper (thankfully). But everywhere I go, all rubbing alcohol are out of stock >_>

  3. I got three for now (planning to create a fourt one lmao) My main is Adrien. She's a cat-goat hybrid (I call them caprelines, still gonna rework on its info) I made because I couldn't decide between my first two sonas as my main haha (also this is a very old ref sheet and I'm planning to rework on it lol) Here is Joey, a tabby cat. Technically not my first sona (since it was a horse I made back in my teen years but I scrapped it already lol), but she originally was my main until I started liking goats more lol Here is Kara, a goat. I gave her that "rebellious" look because... well, I've had goats attack me a few times before lmao (art by Ichimoral)
  4. Chibi art I'm still proud of~

    chibi extra_Gaitsu big wm.jpg

  5. I wish you guys the best! Looking forward to FLO getting more people to join ^^ I agree! I have way too many accounts XD but I do my best to check out this out once in a while haha
  6. I'm hoping FLO grows big too! The layout of this site doesn't hurt my eyes so it's easy to look around for me haha
  7. With the number of social media accounts I handle, I only come here to post my art that I just finished. Though, I kinda wanna come here more often and see how lively the community is So, how often do you guys check FurryLife and what do you usually do here aside from the art stuff?
  8. FurAffinity is down, so I might as well use this site more often

  9. Commissions are open~

    Commission sheet 2020.jpg

  10. accidentally posted the same image. Whoops!


    I apologies for that. I thought I didn't post the finished ych here already c':

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