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    Combat Raccoon

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    Metal (various sub genres) and whatever electroncia & synthwave I get my hands on
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    Combat Raccoon, Kaseypaws
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    Discord: Snowball-Russer#9041 Telegram: @SnowFex

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    Arctic Fox
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    Grey-Ace Pansexual
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    He says heck wayyyyyy too much.

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Have y'all ever just thought about round and soft?

About Me

Heya there! Russell here. 

I'm a hobbyist writer, car enthusiast, game streamer, music lover and all knowing of the most obscure car knowledge nobody knows about! Woohoo! 

I intend on keeping this profile up as a backup to my FA gallery to keep tabs on my commissions and whatnot.

You can also find me over on Snouts.Online!


Feve 10b - Russell.gif

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