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    SpasticPanda on FA
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    8 foot from hips up, 100 foot tail
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    Kaarma is so big! She weighs over 3000+ pounds

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"Revenge is sweet... So is Kaarma."
  1. Do you do anthros or just ferals?
  2. Hey there! Welcome to FL.
    You've got multiple advertisements for streaming on the stream page. Be sure to remember to delete old ones. : )

    I had to remember to tell myself to do this too. I wish they just automatically deleted when I was done streaming. XD

    1. AishaSlayde


      Oh...shit xD *Goes to delete* xP

    2. Kaarma


      It's alright. I do it, too. XD

    3. AishaSlayde


      There needs to be an easier way to get to them, atm its a bit of link-hopping

  3. I like your sketches. Great anatomy! : ) Good luck selling!!
  4. I'm personally on the hype train for Borderlands 3 coming out in September. I'm pretty much living for it right now lol. X___X
  5. Kaarma

    Shark week day 2

    I really love the fin arms. That's a nice touch! Normally there's just a tiny fin on the elbow. I like it going across the forearm like that.
  6. Kaarma


    This is a beautiful pose!
  7. Kaarma

    Hey thanks for following me! >w<

  8. Overly detailed characters. Also characters whose colors are disgusting together. Like a neon rainbow character with no design, just red head to purple feet. Gross. Or mustard yellow and forest green. Just.... icky colors together.
  9. Hi r00k!! >w< Nice to see you on here.

    1. r00k


      Yeah I thought I would give it a try. >w<

  10. I definitely need to keep it simple and short. I list the usernames of people I owe. I don't usually list refs or ideas because it might take me a while to get to it and I find people usually change their minds. So just the usernames on a journal on FA and I get to em one by one. : )
  11. Are you open? Yes! What are your prices? I tell them. And they never respond. Rude lol. If you don't want it or can't afford it please tell me. I won't be offended. But I will feel a bit stiffed if you ghost me xD
  12. I especially like horror movies!! Or B list movies. I agree, nothing too engaging or no work will get done LOL. I have a real problem with loneliness and feeling alone. So I can't do ambient music, sadly.
  13. I really switch between comedy TV shows like It's Always Sunny or Bob's Burgers... or I listen to chill EDM music. : ) I depends on my mood. Sometimes the music isn't enough and I need to feel like I have company so I turn the TV shows on.
  14. Ohhh ball pythons are my favorite sneks! >w< The ball in the pic looks like a BEL ball python!
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