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  1. Art by @appendageChild Clair @neosate Popi @talon2point0 Other @bigcriss369 Posted using PostyBirb
  2. Art by @risigndragon & Comic by @verbmynoun & Risingdragon Posted using PostyBirb
  3. Art by @risingdragon Cobic by @Verbmynoun & @Risingdragon Posted using PostyBirb
  4. I know I said I was going to try and post my new stories on Mondays, but this week things kind of got side tracked on that. And I am sorry about that.

    First things first. The story is tarring out to be a bit longer than I had originally thought, nearly 20k+ words, and I still have things that are part of this story. A long time ago I stopped limiting my chapter sizes, which were around 2k words. After that the quickly expanded to 10k+ words, with a few specials that were up to 50k. This simple fact is, the story I am contently working on is The Forest Through the trees, and each chapter is themed based on Ogham. With that in mind, It might be another week before it is done.

    Second, I have been working on building and migrating to a private cloud for my writing and collaboration. Over the past two years we have seen a lot of issues with Privacy and security in the publicly available services. I have been using Google Docs fora long time now, but I feel it is time that I really need to get away from this and bring more things in house as We move forward with our publishing and printing efforts.

    I have finally gotten the least few pieces in place to bring my private could online and have the full collaboration functions available. I spend a good portion of this weekend migrating and backing up a lot of my old stories and art to the new cloud server. In the future I will be looking at using it as my primary place for my WIPs and collaborations.

    So I am going to past a Art WIP. I will update this as I work on it. But just to keep things in reality, I have nerve damage in both arms and have not done real art in many years. So it may take a while and will likely no look all that good as I progress.


    Buy Merch
    Reoccurring Donations
    Paypal Donations

    Posted using PostyBirb

  5. I have several stories for my own works and characters finished. I will begin posting the first of them on Monday. From that point forward Monday will be reserved for posting stories I have personally written. For now Wednesdays and Fridays will continue to be re posts of works written by others that affect me universe.
    If your story takes place in Marblecliff, or directly affects characters that appear in stories that I have recently posted, and you want your story included in the official cannon, Let me know. At this time the following stipulations are in place for Marblecliff Cannon stories.

    1. Stories have to be posted to my profile. Authors and artists are credited and linked to the best of my ability. Authors and artists still retain full copyright to the works, I am just granted permission to post the works to my profiles for linking to the Cannon.

    2. Stories must fit into the cannon setting. Marblecliff in a contemporary setting, there is no magic or mythical creatures in the world.

    3.The stories must be have plot and character development. I want more than pure smut attached to characters in the setting.

    4. Permission to use the character as background, cameo, ot mention within other stories must be granted. I will always make my best effort work with the character owners before using characters in any way. The character owner will always be mentioned and credited for their character.

    Once again, watch Monday for the next NEW story, Omen Breakers: Unsung hero.

    If you like my stories and settings Pleas watch and follow my main account on Inkbunny

    Also consider supporting my works.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  6. As I start back to writing I am updating my Pareon to try and gett a little support from my readers.
    I have added new tiers for supporters that include access to works in progress, cameo priority, and ever reoccurring support character rolls and Full primary story lines.

    My goal is to get $100 per story that I write. Considering that my average story right now is about 10,000 words, that is 1 cent per word. If I can get that I can justify setting more time aside for my writing. And I can write more of my stories that you guys want.

    Tier 1 - Supporter $1
    I love you guys, and you will have my gratitude.

    Tier 2 - hatching $2
    You will get read access to our Work in progress discord channels. As well as comment links to Gdoc copies of some of our stories in progress.

    Tier 3 - Wyverling $10
    You will get first crack at cameos in our stories, as well as commenting access to our Workshop discord chat.

    Tier 4 - Youngling $15
    As long as you maintain this level you will get one character with a reoccurring roll in our stories, As well as chat accessto our voice channel on our discord. We need to beable to chat with you about how your character might act in a given situation.

    Tier 5 - Elder $25 Only 2 slots
    One of your characters will get their own story line written in one of our settings. One story out of ever 6 published will be dedicated to your storyline.

    Tier 6 - Ancient $50 Only 1 slot
    You will be treated to one stoy out of ever 6 just like the elders, but your story will include commission art work.

    Please note that support through Patreon is per story not per month, so we only collect when we are actually being productive! Our goal is to create 6 stories with 10+k words per month. If you're a supporter and there's something you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  7. I have updated my writing queue

    Comissions are still not open at this time

    Posted using PostyBirb

  8. Taomerle Publishing has added new Poster Prints to their shop. Check out and get your own copy of artwork by risingdragon and other artists. Support your artists and Printer/publishers.


    Posted using PostyBirb

  9. Neosate


    Katie Hunter Origional design and art by risingdragon Origional post HERE Posted using PostyBirb
  10. Neosate


    Katie Hunter Origional design and art by risingdragon Origional post HERE Posted using PostyBirb
  11. Neosate


    Katie Hunter Origional design and art by risingdragon Origional post HERE Posted using PostyBirb
  12. I Will soon begin the process of updateing and uploading all the Stories from @verbmynoun, as well as re checking and formatting my own. This will likely be a ling slow process, and I hope to do it in connected storyline order.

    One of my hopes is to get back into the writing process and reignite my storyteller passion.

    Posted using PostyBirb

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