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Everything posted by lammergrepsi

  1. lammergrepsi


    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    This one is the first piece I did for an ARPG I joined over a year ago, ouch. Here's to more in the near future, maybe?

    © species and design by kawaiipicnic on deviantArt

  2. lammergrepsi

    Rise and Shine

    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    One of many ARPG drawings I'd forgotten to post everywhere... until now.

    © species and design by Tessa Mag

  3. lammergrepsi


    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    A quick finish of a lineart demo I made for someone in a discord server.

    © species by Tessa Mag

  4. Oh man, do I wish my computer were powerful enough to stream. I feel a bit envious seeing everybody else doing it, but alas, I have to figure out what computer parts to buy and how to install them (as well as how to afford them) instead of sitting on my haunches.

    Computer parts and modding advice is very much welcome; I don't know the first thing about which parts are good and how to alter hardware. OTL

  5. A lot of the artists I follow at the moment post directly to the general categories. The sub-categories, while helpful at other times, take forever to load and scroll past on my phone. Hence, I'm suggesting that the sub-galleries sections can be minimized (available to load the contents upon clicking a button) or hidden (perhaps an option in user settings or a link to a different page that shows all the sub-galleries of that category). Of course, I'm only suggesting these as additional options, as I'm sure others would rather keep the general galleries looking as they are. "Choice is king" is my motto.
  6. ITT: the top 3 reasons why I feel like I can never get commissions of my fursona. I cry. My biggest pet peeve, meanwhile? Probably toony, anime- or manga-like, or otherwise heavily stylized design traits that are meant to be (or able to be) drawn in realistic styles and taken just as seriously as designs that don't have those features. I'm sorry, but I really can't find a way to make white, perfectly geometrically star-shaped pupils look anything but out-of-place on what would otherwise be a realistic drawing. Someone please notify me if anyone ever does find out how to avert this.
  7. Hey, welcome! I'm pretty sure most others here like meeting new people too, ahah.
  8. lammergrepsi

    Wo Xhi Ni

    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    Surprisingly enough, one of my very notably, flamboyantly gay characters somehow evaded having a lover for about a year. I decided that enough is enough and that I needed to make him a proper boyfriend. Finally, the universe is in balance again. So! [inhales deeply] hahahahaha gay I don't expect anyone to understand the pun in the title, but if you do, then I'm not sure whether to call you a nerd or a genius. Maybe a little of both? You might have to say it out loud to get it because even I can't tell if it's a good pun or not. Feel free to slap me when you do figure it out.
  9. lammergrepsi

    Sewerage Man

    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    To fill a role I'd written in one of my characters' histories, I designed a general Americas-themed dragon, taking inspiration from poison-dart frogs and the urban legend of alligators in the NYC sewers. He is but a mere sosig living underground in stinky water. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out!
  10. lammergrepsi

    Shooting Star

    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    A little bit of perspective and anatomy practice using a creature whose body style I had no experience drawing. It turned out better than I thought it would and ended up being pretty fun!

    © design by Tessa Mag for Pouflons

  11. Exactly what kind of help are you looking for? An art piece, some tutorial material, a private lesson?
  12. I bought a web hosting plan and a domain name for black friday and I'm so excited aaaaaaaa

  13. How did you come about choosing your fursona? I kind of... didn't, I guess, since I was a furry-leaning person since I was a teen but always had a rather poor sense of identity. I just so happened to come across an adoptable design of a phorusrhacos and went, "wait, damn, why the hell didn't I think of that?" How ironic it is that I can design plenty of outfits for characters but not a fursona for myself, instead having to resort to an adoptable design for my fursona. It's a little embarrassing and maybe even lame, but I can't be the only one in this boat. What about your fursona name? The only criteria the name, 「芳」 (Fāng), needed to meet was that it was a Chinese name that sounded equally good in English. However, since deciding on the name, I found a few relevant sayings containing the name, including 「孤芳自赏」 (self-love), and 「流芳百世」 ("to leave a mark for generations to come"). Relating to the above question and my indecisive ability to have a concrete fursona until now, the character 「芳」 is even used in the Chinese idiomatic equivalent of "there are plenty of fish in the sea"... gah, as if I needed even more options! What do you like about others of the same (or similar) species? I did a search the other day to see if anyone else in the English-speaking web has a phorusrhacos (P. longissimus) fursona and had no such luck. Since I've never really known another person with a similar fursona in depth, I guess that means I can generalize this into two groups, being "avian fursonae" and "extinct-animal fursonae." Among other avians, I like how we tend to be seen as good singers (especially because it's true in my case ), free spirits, and adventurous types with a strong parental instinct. Among other extinct animals, I like how we're seen as passionate about our interests (i.e., extinct animals) and young at heart. What do you dislike about others of the same (or similar) species? Again, I have never really known another person with an avian or extinct fursona in depth. Going with the same two categories, I'm not a fan of the stereotypes that avians in general are indecisive, submissive pushovers or that extinct animals are all adult children or otherwise immature. I can't say I enjoy the (mostly) positive stereotype that avians are good with children, either — I'm too sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements for that.
  14. hmm today I will necro a few forum topics (not that anyone would mind since the forums appear to be extra slow anyways, 😛 )

  15. lammergrepsi

    Wake-Up Call

    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    I did a quick painting as a warm-up the other day, and it felt so good to finally return to personal art :D
  16. lammergrepsi


    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    I think this might be the warmest November I've experienced in a long while, yeowch.
  17. just got cucked out of being paid for a year's worth of front-end website development, all casual-kind, ok

    guess I'll open flash sale comms later today and cross my fingers, goddamn

    1. Tianti


      That doesnt sound good ;v;

    2. lammergrepsi


      @Tianti oof, yeah, that's putting it lightly, but it really isn't

  18. Hmm. I've lost a lot of weight since high school (was overweight, now underweight), but I've been mulling over making my fursona chunky like I was back then because I felt so much healthier and comfy with my body like that. "My fursona, my rules" and all that, but what are the external pros and cons (i.e. "how would this alter others' perceptions of my fursona or myself," "how would this alter others' availability to draw him," etc) to changing to a chunkier body type?

  19. From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    A piece for Art Fight 2018 that I still consider one of my best.

    © character owned by nebulas-comet on deviantart and designed by eclirra on deviantart

  20. lammergrepsi

    Paleo Diet

    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    An Art Fight 2017 piece I still find myself over the moon with.

    © character belongs to WuffyP on deviantArt and was designed by ChainsawAngel on Google+

  21. > You last won the day on September 15

    [surprised pikachu face]

    1. Tianti


      Basically a "congrats, you had the most likes on that day!"

    2. lammergrepsi


      @Tianti I see that, hahah! just must have been a slow day then?

    3. Tianti


      IIRC, it was a fairly slow day. But that's alright! I'm hoping things pick up.

  22. Got a small YCH piece here that no one ever took slots on, so I'm auctioning it again at a lower price than before. There'll be up to two slots starting at $20 USD, then I'll probably actually shelf this forever. a small edit: I'll consider offers belowthe SB now, as my situation has worsened even more. Message me if you're interested in placing an offer below SB. About the finished work: I can do any species (or non-species, in the cases of anthropomorphic mechs and robots) of any gender with any body type; the default shape is just that of a small carnivorous dinosaur's. Environmental colors will be subject to change based on the subject's palette. Finished work will be mostly lineless with minimal shading and lines to differentiate areas of similar hue, saturation, or value. The shadow of the figure is excluded from this. Background can be transparent or a solid color. About your bid and additional fees: Payment is taken exclusively through PayPal. No refunds once rough color has been placed and approved. Exceptions will be made if I cannot follow through with this for any reason. Bid $30 or more and get full cel-shading with a simple background. Bid $40 or more and get a flat-color painting OR full cel-shading with a detailed background. Bid $70 or more and get a fully-rendered painting. Ask about full paintings with detailed, fully-rendered backgrounds: my schedule is tight for those at the moment, but we might be able to work something out. Ask about unusual subjects such as anything with shiny chrome parts, bioluminescent glows, or detailed markings that must be reproduced exactly, as they may incur additional fees. Feel free to ask even if you're not sure if your subject counts as "unusual."
  23. lammergrepsi

    prickly pear

    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    commission for pixiunera on deviantart.

    © character owned and designed by pixiunera on deviantart.

  24. lammergrepsi


    From the album: Grepsi's Visual Art

    gift art for shadonut on deviantart.

    © character belongs to and was created by shadonut on deviantart.

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