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    Millicent Morrison
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    26 (May 21st)
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    Female (She/Her)
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    Homosexual (Lesbian)
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    Mill's favorite video game is ARK, and she spends a good lot of her time playing it with her girlfriend, Mika.

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There's always going to be a tomorrow where you're happy, you've just got to make it there!

About Me

  Hello! My name is Millicent or just Mill for short!

  I'm a furry from the Oregon Coast and I do digital artwork in my free time... which is a lot of the time, actually. I really enjoy talking to people and doing things with other people. I'm really open to conversation and interaction- so never be afraid to stop by and say hi if you want to chat! I might come off a little shy at first, but I do warm up to people really fast!

If you're interested in my artwork, be sure to check out my Patreon for more goodies, commission opportunities, and exclusive content!

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