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  1. my friend opened for pixel icons!
    check it out  


  2. @Gojirin art fight does actually count for examples :) so you can just submit those if you'd like so long as they were from this year
  3. Check out my club then! I'm hosting a Halloween exchange event and would really like more people to join ^^. You don't have to take part in the event though! Joining the club for some fun art trade threads or hosting your own lil games is fine as well :). Although i do need people that will be active and have experience in trading with others, as i don't want people in the club to be promised an exchange and not get anything in return. Please fill out the form in the description to join. I will not accept adds if a form is not submitted. (i admit it still is abit of a WIP but i hope
  4. i hope the halloween exchange event goes well 🥺


  5. pspspspspspspsps

    1. Mementos


      [scrambles in at high speed]

    2. Biscuitmango
    3. PoodlePoofs


      @Mementos Gochiusa Tippy | Wiki | Anime Amino  caught u

      @Biscuitmango oh wow it rlly works 
      here kitty kitty
       Anime Cats GIF - Anime Cats PickUp - Discover & Share GIFs

  6. What is your fave comfort snack?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. PuppyToast


      I don't drink soda on the regular so a can of coke is always what I want when I'm stressed out

      Good Fried Mushrooms are my current fav food atm though

    3. wyrdeer


      Buttered egg noodles


    4. AmberTheCutie


      peanut butter bagels

  7. If you have the time please give me some feedback here! ^^ on this thread about clubs


  8. @Venthas i didnt even notice you replied here omg nice tho at least theres been a few
  9. thanks so far to those of you that have taken the time to put down your suggestions! It is appreciated
  10. Hey please give me some feedback on this thread! if you have the time ; w;/
    it involves clubs.


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