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PrincessJessicaSiamese last won the day on December 3 2019

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    Feeling Content ~
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    Christian, Country, Video Game music

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    Princess Jessica
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    Siamese Cat
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    5'4 ft

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"If you see someone without a smile, give them yours."

About Me

Jessica | 26 | Female | Heterosexual | Single (Not Searching)

Hello I see you stumbled upon my page. Please enjoy your stay and I hope you like my artwork.  I'm just a shy and quiet furry girl. I love to to draw, read, write and play video games. Don't be offended if I don't talk to you right away. I'm shy around new people and situations. I'm still new to this site so it may take me a bit to upload artwork. As for my artwork I mostly draw SFW stuff. I don't really feel comfortable with drawing NSFW art so don't expect a whole lot of that kind of content from me. 

Other Sites I'm at

deviantArt: PrincessJessicaCat
furaffinity: Jessica_The_Siamese_Cat
Inkbunny: JessicaSiamese93

Jessica's Art Status!
Requests: open/on hold/CLOSED (for now)
Art Trades: open/on hold/CLOSED (for now)
Collaborations: open/on hold/CLOSED (for now)

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