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    Vangabond (Payton Augustine Benjamin Quartz Marzipan)
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    Wolf/Dog Hybrid
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    He loves chocolate even though he is a dog (well rather part dog)

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  1. TBH... i had like five scrapped drafts for this topic, and it annoyed me badly but anyways to cut to the chase. I feel like the 1st the 15th and the second to last or last date of the month to have some sort of update planed out is a bit annoying for me cause i need to have something planned out. I am sure we all noticed it but it's very obvious that each update (not counting the longer ones) where just half-assed attempts for me to basically say "Nothing new everything is going to be the same." Normally i don't tolerate annoying stuff but, this pattern i did not notice until the last possible moment. Anyways i was just thinking of posting an update every month or so to just say what i am doing and to say that i am not dead. So as for now there won't be as many updates per month but i kinda want to mix it up with topics to talk about or rants or hot takes on some things. Also last thing: Advertising on projects, these can be at random and that like normal i'll dedicate posts to them that are separate.

    TLDR- Going to change my schedule pattern to make it less annoying at least to me with a post every so on, with a topic I talk about that is relevant to me with separate posts to my projects and stuff.

    Also if you want to but I am not asking you to do it, but you can join my discord server here- https://discord.gg/jfKjqAk It's not crazy active 24/7

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