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    Vangabond (Payton Augustine Benjamin Quartz Marzipan)
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    Wolf/Dog Hybrid
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    He loves chocolate even though he is a dog (well rather part dog)

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The only one that can stop you is yourself

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  1. Hey everyone i did some restructuring of my accounts and stuff so some things may have changed and some may have stayed the same. This is a master post in which all the links are, including the one you are reading this on so that it can be accessed across all websites.

    I have an F-list under the name of Vangabond or rather the character, i am on Furzu under the name of Vangabond as well if you swing that way.

    My Animal Crossing new leaf Welcome amiibo dream code is here- 4F00-0110-56B6 if anyone wanted to visit it.

    For safety reasons, I have removed my contact info publicly but if you wish to speak to me over discord or telegram either leave a comment on this post or note/PM me on the website you are on if you wish to speak to me.

    Last thing- if for some odd reason if any of the links are broken please contact me.

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