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  1. https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/vangabond/folder/332049/Vanga-wolf-ref-2017The artist is FuzeDudeArt on twitter Posted using PostyBirb
  2. Vangabond

    Dragon Icon/Oc

    This idea has been on the back burner for a while now, and judging from the title you can guess what this is about. he has ruby red scales, brown eyes, and somewhat long Black hair with a fairly stocky build but with more noticeable muscles and a muscle gut. He has noticeable hair. He has black horns, he has a western style look to him with a small beard. He goes by the name of obsidian, and shares the same birthday as me, appearance wise he wears the same glasses as my wolf a purple shirt with blue jeans and no shoes (though he wears sandals from time to time). Posted using PostyBirb
  3. https://www.deviantart.com/vangabond/art/Wait-it-happened-again-ep-2-828193463 So jake a doberman has joined the team now, wonder what is going to happen next. Posted using PostyBirb
  4. https://www.deviantart.com/vangabond/art/The-First-Episode-ep1-827374854?ga_submit_new=10%3A1579357266 Everything starts, from a very long and drawn out first Episode. Posted using PostyBirb
  5. Hey guys, it's been a while, I have been busy writing this project and i felt like i should put out some disclaimers and warnings.

    1. When a part of the story is uploaded first it will be posted into DA then i’ll used PostyBirb to create an art post with that story link to DA in it. (If you don’t get it, I’ll post it to DA grab the link from it and post it across all the websites i am on)
    2. My writing style is script based but will provide the details and important facts because creating a whole paragraph is just prime for someone to lose their spot in reading it.
    3. The posting schedule which may or may not change for it is every saturday past noon cst, if this changes I'll say something about it.
    4. Across every website there will be a folder in which each story part is with the name of that episode in a 1-2-3 episode order.
    5.The First Episode is going to be live on January 18th 2020, and I won't do a double post of each episode.

    Note- My forgetful ass forgot to post this update on monday but here we are this post visible on Friday.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  6. Hey everyone i did some restructuring of my accounts and stuff so some things may have changed and some may have stayed the same. This is a master post in which all the links are, including the one you are reading this on so that it can be accessed across all websites.

    I have an F-list under the name of Vangabond or rather the character, i am on Furzu under the name of Vangabond as well if you swing that way.

    My Animal Crossing new leaf Welcome amiibo dream code is here- 4F00-0110-56B6 if anyone wanted to visit it.

    For safety reasons, I have removed my contact info publicly but if you wish to speak to me over discord or telegram either leave a comment on this post or note/PM me on the website you are on if you wish to speak to me.

    Last thing- if for some odd reason if any of the links are broken please contact me.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  7. TBH... i had like five scrapped drafts for this topic, and it annoyed me badly but anyways to cut to the chase. I feel like the 1st the 15th and the second to last or last date of the month to have some sort of update planed out is a bit annoying for me cause i need to have something planned out. I am sure we all noticed it but it's very obvious that each update (not counting the longer ones) where just half-assed attempts for me to basically say "Nothing new everything is going to be the same." Normally i don't tolerate annoying stuff but, this pattern i did not notice until the last possible moment. Anyways i was just thinking of posting an update every month or so to just say what i am doing and to say that i am not dead. So as for now there won't be as many updates per month but i kinda want to mix it up with topics to talk about or rants or hot takes on some things. Also last thing: Advertising on projects, these can be at random and that like normal i'll dedicate posts to them that are separate.

    TLDR- Going to change my schedule pattern to make it less annoying at least to me with a post every so on, with a topic I talk about that is relevant to me with separate posts to my projects and stuff.

    Also if you want to but I am not asking you to do it, but you can join my discord server here- https://discord.gg/jfKjqAk It's not crazy active 24/7

    Posted using PostyBirb

  8. So, it's January 1'st 2020 and the start to a new decade... Pretty weird to think about. For this year and later on in the decade, I want to try to be able to post more and to take breaks when needed to not burn myself out. Also, there may be little topics I may post about which are just text posts so that I don't have to just put out nothing but updates.

    Posted using PostyBirb


    Final Update of 2019

    So, 2019 is over pretty weird to think about it I went in not expecting a whole lot but a lot of things happened. But to all of my friends followers and other people I have interacted with thank you for making this year a very memorable for me, you all are the true MVP's. If I could describe this year it would be a lot of new things and experiences that I have never thought of accomplishing. From me making it through my first semester of college to making an awesome Minecraft world with my friends. This year was awesome even with it's ups and downs and rough patches it was fun and here is to hope for an Awesome 2020 and another year. 


    Also, I hope to end this year with a bang, and start the next year with a better mindset I had throughout this decade.


    12/26/19- Status Update

    Hey, everyone i know it’s been a while and I hope everyone had a good christmas holiday, as for me I had spent time with my family and had drawn a little bit (Which you all should have seen). For what’s next? The first post of my project, which will either be posted sometime before the year ends or by the time the new year starts. It’s not that I am lazy when it comes to posting it, I would prefer to have the art and the first three parts of the story done so that i could post each part of the story every other week or so. It’s just because I want to keep a schedule of everything to make it more easier on me so I can better remember it. For this project, however, it’s not going to be a one off thing there are multiple parts to it in which i won’t disclose how long it is for reasons.  


    So, for now this is it until the traditional end of the year post on the 31st of this month like normal so see y’all then. 

  11. I felt like making a proper map to the fanmade pokemon region i had made a story for some years back. Posted using PostyBirb
  12. Vangabond

    Desoto Region map B

    second edit from the last one Posted using PostyBirb
  13. Vangabond

    Desoto Region map A

    I felt like making a proper map to the fanmade pokemon region i had made a story for some years back. Posted using PostyBirb

    So it's the middle of the month and it's 10 days until Christmas... man this month has been going by sort of slow. Also i swear i am working on my new project i just have a few creative highs and lows with it. 


    Discord: https://discord.gg/kFHyvuF

    ACNL code: 4F00-0110-56B6

    Curious Cat: https://curiouscat.me/Vanga_Bond

    Telegram Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFKxiWOurETqvKwBZg

  15. Huh... it's December already ?, Jeez this year flew by kind of fast anyways i don't have anything noteworthy to say here other than the countdown to Christmas is now on. Also that new project may or may not be debuting this month or not.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/kFHyvuF
    ACNL code: 4F00-0110-56B6
    Curious Cat: https://curiouscat.me/Vanga_Bond
    Telegram Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFKxiWOurETqvKwBZg

    Posted using PostyBirb

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