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  1. At this point in the story Artemis with the rest of his best friends had landed on earth to escape the toxic atmosphere of his homeworld, as he was exploring the landscape around him. It was there where he spotted a 5’2 Mouse girl in a preppy school outfit getting harassed by some juvenile delinquents. He then readyed his claws as he did not have any of his beast tools with him to help save the girl. After a few quick words Artemis had sprang into action beat up the the delinquents as they ran off but he was pretty hurt in the scuffle it was 3 on 1 anyways, during the fight he had awakened to his powers and was noticeably more stronger. “Hey… Are you alright?” Artemis had reached out his hand to her as she was on the ground as she took it and stood up. “Y-yes… but w-who are you?” She stammered “My Name is Artemis and you are?” “Amber,” she said. “Are you hurt?, you seemed like you were holding your shoulder” “to-oh-no I’m fine but you seem to have taken a bulk of the beating”. The whole conflict had been recorded by the witnesses around them. People were claiming that there was a mysterious wolf boy who had taken down three of the town’s Juvenile delinquents and helped Amber, a school girl, out from a bad situation. “Amber is it?, you should head home you nearly got hurt” “o-oh yeah i should… thank you Arthur” “It’s Artemis but… close enough” . Soon Amber’s Twin sister Angela and younger brother Alex had rushed up to her because they had gotten separated from running away forgetting about their sister. “Amber.. Are you okay?” “Y-yeah she stammered to her sister “Hey big guy… were you the one who saved my sis?” Said Alex, the younger brother. “Yes i did make sure she gets home okay she looks pretty shook up” “But what about you? You have a shiner” Alex had pulled out his phone’s camera to show it to him as Artemis had grabbed the phone. “Well.. I’ll be damned… you are right but I’ll be fine. I went through some worse things” He said this and gave the phone back. Artemis had spotted some uniformed police officers and got visibly panicked “Uh… I’ll leave b-bye!” He had taken off running to the first and jumped up onto one of the high branches. The Siblings and the witnesses had reported the incident to the incoming police officers who had gotten a call about a wolf boy beating up some hooligans. Once Artemis had gotten home he had told the rest of his best friends what happened and Amber once she got home told her parents and friends through text later on that night. “I don’t have feelings for her right?... why am i feeling this way?” Artemis had laid in his bed at midnight trying to sleep but woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. He felt his heart pounding in his chest all night long just thinking about what happened and about her.
  2. -Artemis Onyx Moonstone- Leader of the wolves He is the same 19 year old wolf who is 6’3 and weighs 225 he still has the same frame as last time though (after losing weight and bulking up a bit). He is a Brown wolf with neck length black hair that’s on the frizzy side (which before it was brown before letting his real hair grow back and unbraided). He has brown eyes with diamond shaped pupils, he is stocky but has a fair bit of muscle (with a muscle gut) that’s not visible. He wears a dark green tank top sports hoodie, with knee length black shorts and dark green sandals, he usually lets his hair fall onto his shoulders but is commonly seen with a man bun or a ponytail but uses a green headband or bandana to hold his hair back like he did before. (He also still has the small beard) -Solaris Onyx Moonstone- He is Artemis’s Twin older brother (by like 10 minutes) he is 6’3 and weighs 175 pounds with a skinny but toned body type. He and his brother aren’t identical twins; he has normal white fur (with a darker colored chest and belly)with blonde hair that’s shaggy and almost touches his neck with a small beard like his brother. He has blue eyes with diamond shaped pupils, he wears a black tank top with a music shaped necklace around his neck with black jean shorts and black sandals. -Justin Tommy Opal- He is a 5’10 Dull Grey colored wolf who is 18 years old with cobalt blue eyes, he weighs 140 and is very skinny. He wears black anime glasses, a white polo shirt with khaki shorts and black shoes with white socks. (His eyesight is so bad he needs glasses) he also has normal black hair. -Dakota Justice Eardwulf- He is a 6’2 wolf with a mexican wolf fur pattern . He has blue eyes and weighs around 180 pounds with a buff body type, his hair is brown and appears more like Lycanrock’s midnight form. He wears a black t-shirt with blue jeans and brown boots with an ember shaped necklace around his neck. He is also 18 years old. -Magma Blaze Igneous- He is a 6ft red furred wolf with yellow eyes he weighs around 190 pounds he is buff with a rather big chest. He has black hair that’s usually messy and a little bit longer in his original appearance that sometimes covers one of his eyes. He wears a black tank top,brown cargo shorts with black sandals -Colton Stone Steelspike- He has dark grey fur and is 6’2 with a very buff body type he also has a rather big chest he weighs around 190 pounds. He has blue triangle pupils he keeps his hair brushed back as it’s the same color as his fur. He wears a pair of dark blue overalls with a black shirt under it, with black boots, he also wears black fingerless gloves. He is also 18. -Victor Gerald Shield- He has ash brown colored fur with a normal bara body type with defined muscles that aren’t just for show. He weighs 260 pounds (most of it being muscle) and is 6’7 he has black hair (which now is very curly and covers his eyes in an afro) and normal green eyes. He wears just a pair of blue shorts now as he prefers showing more fur and going bare pawed he is also 18. -Storm River Hurricane- He has dark blue fur a buff build to him with a somewhat big chest he weighs 180 pounds and is 6’2 he has normal blue eyes. His hair color is the same as his fur. He has his hair that is braided that goes halfway down his back with a smaller one sticking out with gold bands on them. He usually wears a pair of black shorts and sandals with a necklace in the shape of a pearl around his neck. -Bodhi Christian Frost- He has snow white fur with a very chubby body type, he is 18 years old and is 6ft he has brown hair and eyes he has neck length long hair that appears longer. He wears a brown hoodie with black jeans and brown boots, his hoodie is a bit oversized and hides his figure well as he weighs 195 pounds. -Zephyr Winston Albatross- He has light gold fur with a very skinny but toned body type; he has hazel eyes; he is 18 years old and the second shortest of the group at 5’11. He weighs 150 pounds and has some muscle definition on him he has his hair greased back (same color as his fur but normally shaggy) he wears a black jacket with no hood with it a pair of flight goggles with blue jeans and black boots with blue fingerless gloves. -Akira Taro Mist- He has light grey fur with a very skinny build, he has hazel eyes with semi-circle pupils he is 5’10 and weighs 120 pounds. His hair color is the same color as his fur; he has shaggy hair with an ahoge sticking up. He wears a White Turtleneck that’s a bit oversized with brown pants and white shoes he also wears a moon shaped necklace around his neck. He wears winter-like clothes because he does not have a ton of weight on him and gets cold more easily. -Kage Leopold Darkhart- He is 6ft and 19 years old he has jet black fur, with a very toned but buff body type. He has dark brown eyes with club shaped pupils he weighs 189 pounds. He has his left ear pierced with a silver ring and wears a spiked choker around his neck. His hair is silver and rather long as it often covers one of his eyes. He wears a white tank top that shows his club shaped tattoo on the left side of his chest, with brown Cargo pants and black boots. -Personalities- -Artemis is mostly the same playful extroverted helpful wolf from before but has some of his optimism from all that has happened. He has his own shy moments with sometimes him being timid if he is put in a situation that he wasn't prepared for or never saw coming. -Solaris is the calm laid person, who has his moments of being cocky and arrogant, he is also very extroverted and humble, he is also very handsome because of this he is a bit flirty and charismatic. -Justin is the quiet level headed person he is rather timid and shy, he is fiercely loyal to his friends and helps them anyway he can. -Dakota is very kind Loyal and very gentleman-like, he refers to anyone by their last names (it’s a Quirk he has. He has a hidden competitive side to him that rarely is shown. -Magma is the hot headed daredevil of the group, who is very pound and very playful he is very extroverted and very full of himself in a “way to be extra” sort of way he does have a lot of dull moments along with being reckless. -Colton is the reserved one of the group that appears stoic, but is rather blunt, honest and hard working, he also tends to not show his emotions very much which can make him appear intimidating. -Victor is the energetic hyper one of the group who is very optimistic however he is just a softie on the inside but just does not act like it, he has his own shy moments at times. He is also a very loud person to be around and is also very proud of himself. -Storm is the not so smart clumsy person of the group but he has his heart in the right place and he is also very hard working. He is rather slow at times and has a lot of comedic moments. -Bodhi was the stoic person of the group but changed to be the shy but timid person who has a lot of confidence in himself, he is also rather observant. -Zephyr is a very spunky and cocky person and also very loud and acts like the normal “little brother” of the group. He is also a prankster. -Akira he is very smart, shy and optimistic but very soft spoken he can be a bit of a savage and extremely blunt. -Kage appears anti-social, but is laid back fairly level headed he is also very charismatic and extroverted but can appear intimidating. -Last but not least Weapons and powers- Solaris and Artemis have the moonstone Wildcard power that allows them to use the other powers as the other wolves, Solaris uses psychic powers and Artemis relies on his natural strength. Solaris’s Main weapon is a battle axe while Artemis has a magic howl with a shield Solaris having a yellow aura tied to him and Artemis having a Dark Green aura tied to him. Kage has a black aura tied to him, with him having control over shadows and other dark magic with his powers being a Parallel to Akira. His weapon is a Dark Whip that can grab people and shadows. Akira has a white aura tied to him, with he having the ability to see into the future with strong psychic powers, he primarily navigates for the rest of the team but he fights using a fan he is enchanted to fight with. Magma is heat proof being able to stand lava and extreme heat, he can control fire with a dark red magic aura tied to him using a lava lance to fight with. Colton has a silver aura tied to him using his special fur hardening (and eyesight) to fight with he transforming his fists into hard hitting weapons. Victor has enhanced strength and uses it to his advantage; he had no magic aura before but has an orange one and summons gauntlets that look like gloves to fight with, he is known as the “strongman wolf”. Storm can swim and breathe underwater while also being able to control it he uses a water spear to fight with. Bodhi has ice powers with an “ice shield” on the outer layer on his fur, he can control ice (and some degree of water) and can withstand the extreme cold he uses an ice sword he has an ice white aura tied to him Zephyr- can control lightning and walk on clouds and can fly using electric wings he uses an electric bow to fight with (while also shooting out lightning) and has an electric yellow aura tied to him. Dakota- has fire powers but lacks the heat proof power and uses duo fire swords to fight with has a red aura tied to him. Justin- uses special magic blasters to fight with; he is a normal wolf but can keep up with the others.
  3. Hey it’s been a while, but i kinda lied about me not having anything planned for this month, the truth is I am yet again working on a project… but it has been in editing hell since the start of this month.


    However despite this I might as well start posting the stories I had written along with an updated bio list with a few new characters with their Powers for the Rebels of Gaia project.

  4. Vangabond

    Magma Chest

    ... Posted using PostyBirb
  5. Vangabond

    Kage's Chest

    Not going to lie this has to be one of the best things that i have made in a while, I think you will know why. Posted using PostyBirb
  6. Vangabond

    Cool Drawing

    i uh was bored when i made this... Posted using PostyBirb
  7. Vangabond

    VB logo text edit

    Same thing but with text Posted using PostyBirb
  8. I remade one of my older Logos from a while ago i may remake this one so that the diamond in the middle to be more bigger. Posted using PostyBirb
  9. Vangabond

    Akira's Chest

    Thin Boi Posted using PostyBirb
  10. At some point I will remake the general map of this Fictional homeworld. Posted using PostyBirb
  11. Vangabond

    New Icon?

    This was something that i had came up with while testing out a few things, maybe this will become my new icon or not. Posted using PostyBirb
  12. So like i don’t have anything major prepared for this month with some writing and art being posted, which is not that surprising.

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  13. I am not going to be very responsive if someone sends me a note/journal/dm on any of the websites i am on, simply because it’s exhausting to refresh every website to see if anything changes. (this rule would be left for any response on my posts)

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  14. I think you all could tell i was really excited and passionate about my newer cast of characters and my newer project nicknamed the “rebels of Gaia” which is a group of wolves from their homeworld of Gaia. They aren’t traditionally true rebels but Gaia used in their context is disorder and sometimes chaos and destruction, such as the original story and the following stories after it.

    Truthfully I would post the general synopsis to the story on all the websites I am on but that would take a while because not website uses Word or PDF documents. But I will provide a link to a folder on Deviantart to everything involving this project because it’s easier to manage everything in one spot. There is a small chance I will post mostly the same things onto other websites but for now it’s more easy for me.

    The Link will be found here- https://www.deviantart.com/vangabond/gallery/72973989/the-rebels-of-gaia
    At Some Point I will post smaller stories that will involve the main and side characters just for fun which will be posted on the websites i am on regardless.

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  15. I keep seeing that my friends have been starting up Pillowfort accounts, I’m on the fence about joining the site because I am already on a bunch of other websites. Maybe I might pull the trigger and join it even though I would not know which direction to go on the website if it’s like twitter or tumblr.

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    1. Sycophancy


      It's going to be more like Tumblr! The new UI which drops later this year looks very similar.

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