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  1. Vangabond

    Magma Chest

    ... Posted using PostyBirb
  2. Vangabond

    Kage's Chest

    Not going to lie this has to be one of the best things that i have made in a while, I think you will know why. Posted using PostyBirb
  3. Vangabond

    Cool Drawing

    i uh was bored when i made this... Posted using PostyBirb
  4. Vangabond

    VB logo text edit

    Same thing but with text Posted using PostyBirb
  5. I remade one of my older Logos from a while ago i may remake this one so that the diamond in the middle to be more bigger. Posted using PostyBirb
  6. Vangabond

    Akira's Chest

    Thin Boi Posted using PostyBirb
  7. At some point I will remake the general map of this Fictional homeworld. Posted using PostyBirb
  8. Vangabond

    New Icon?

    This was something that i had came up with while testing out a few things, maybe this will become my new icon or not. Posted using PostyBirb
  9. So like i don’t have anything major prepared for this month with some writing and art being posted, which is not that surprising.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  10. I am not going to be very responsive if someone sends me a note/journal/dm on any of the websites i am on, simply because it’s exhausting to refresh every website to see if anything changes. (this rule would be left for any response on my posts)

    Posted using PostyBirb

  11. I think you all could tell i was really excited and passionate about my newer cast of characters and my newer project nicknamed the “rebels of Gaia” which is a group of wolves from their homeworld of Gaia. They aren’t traditionally true rebels but Gaia used in their context is disorder and sometimes chaos and destruction, such as the original story and the following stories after it.

    Truthfully I would post the general synopsis to the story on all the websites I am on but that would take a while because not website uses Word or PDF documents. But I will provide a link to a folder on Deviantart to everything involving this project because it’s easier to manage everything in one spot. There is a small chance I will post mostly the same things onto other websites but for now it’s more easy for me.

    The Link will be found here- https://www.deviantart.com/vangabond/gallery/72973989/the-rebels-of-gaia
    At Some Point I will post smaller stories that will involve the main and side characters just for fun which will be posted on the websites i am on regardless.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  12. I keep seeing that my friends have been starting up Pillowfort accounts, I’m on the fence about joining the site because I am already on a bunch of other websites. Maybe I might pull the trigger and join it even though I would not know which direction to go on the website if it’s like twitter or tumblr.

    Posted using PostyBirb

    1. Sycophancy


      It's going to be more like Tumblr! The new UI which drops later this year looks very similar.

  13. There was an effort to try drawing again, maybe one day I'll draw my characters and it won't look bad. Oh yeah This is Artemis btw i gave him a more unique color pattern for him. Posted using PostyBirb
  14. https://www.deviantart.com/vangabond/gallery/72973989/the-rebels-of-gaia The Picture says it all. Posted using PostyBirb
  15. To be honest i did not have an update planned out that well in fact i was thinking of taking a break this month before the writers and art block went away just barely 24 hours ago. Anyways More than likely I’ll post a huge text post over one of my story projects and maybe some art may come out of it later on this month.

    Telegram Channel- https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFKxiWOurETqvKwBZg
    Discord- https://discord.gg/jfKjqAk

    Join either one if you want to there is no rush.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  16. I know you all may not have known this but i have been active creating content on the internet starting February 2015, to now June 2020 5 years now, i don’t really have much to say other than that.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  17. Hello everyone I know this is not long after I posted my June update but there is a tropical storm named Cristobal that has formed in the gulf and is going to hit in the next few days. I'm not on a direct path as it's heading more east to Louisiana than west to Texas. I put the notice out just to keep everyone updated.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  18. So if you are reading this it’s now June 1st 2020 which means (at least for me) Summer has started and we are ½ through the year now of the start of the new decade.

    Well enough with the fluff I’m going to be trying to post more content and maybe have a new series along with more writing and art from me. Also I’m now in the mood for remaking some of my older art. I mean it’s still flat but I’m getting there.

    Aside from that that’s it, I may try to stream more of said art because maybe others might find it entertaining to watch me stream my bad art.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  19. https://www.deviantart.com/vangabond/art/The-many-forms-of-Vangabond-842875803 This post is just about my forms, nothing much else to add to that. Posted using PostyBirb
  20. Vangabond

    Vanga's Underwear

    Felt like Drawing and remade an old picture of mine it's a remake of this one - https://www.deviantart.com/vangabond/art/Vanga-s-Red-Underwear-791732805 Posted using PostyBirb
  21. Vangabond

    Ice Island-Gaia

    So i was going to draw the Places of Gaia but my last post Basically did it for me so... Have This Frozen Island to look at Posted using PostyBirb
  22. Vangabond

    The Gaian homeworld

    This is the new fictional planet where my newer cast of characters live on, there is a link if you want to learn more- https://www.deviantart.com/vangabond/art/Overview-of-the-Gaian-Planet-840304843 Posted using PostyBirb
  23. Hey everyone, it’s now May 1st and I really don’t have any plans going into this month, I’ll try posting more Writing and Art because with my college semester ending next week I’ll have more free time.

    Posted using PostyBirb

  24. Vangabond

    The Gaian Homeworld

    Here is the planet were half of the events in my new project take place in, i may change up a few things on this earth sized planet apperance wise. Posted using PostyBirb
  25. So uh wow I hadn't realized that I was quiet this whole time but to keep it short I had made a whole new cast of characters and a new story to go along with it. It will more than likely be like magic fighters story as all the story events already happened and all the mini stories that came out of it recently.

    Also it's very likely I will do a Personal Q style crossover with the Seekers of Justice/Knights of darkness meeting The magic fighters and the new group The Rebels of Gaia.

    By the time this update is out you can see this new group in this new folder that can be found here- https://www.deviantart.com/vangabond/gallery/72973989/the-rebels-of-gaia

    Also some new art may come out of all this.

    Posted using PostyBirb

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