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  1. Finally finished this animation meme. A classic! https://youtu.be/hRfvlULYRWM
  2. Danji-Isthmus

    Horse Storm

    I got serious Thor vibes from this guy Inspirational Vomit commission for chadrak
  3. Danji-Isthmus


    Scarlett Hearts the Dutchie. Portrait commission <3
  4. Danji-Isthmus


    Just trot along Inspirational Vomit commission for SpazzCraft
  5. Danji-Isthmus


    Majestic af! Inspirational Vomit for FoxBirb
  6. Danji-Isthmus


    Watch the creation of here: https://youtu.be/0U_9NrMDIdk A good boy got his wings recently. I am honored to have gotten to make his portrait <3
  7. Danji-Isthmus

    Koopa behemoth

    Koopa Behemoth! Commission for Kintarius
  8. Danji-Isthmus


    I always get excited when I can do themes around string musicians. I used to play cello growing up. It holds a special place in my heart. Inspirational Vomit commission for BDragon62 <3
  9. Danji-Isthmus

    Summer Vibes

    Took a super abstract view of the prompt. Pretty happy with it :D Commission for @thatguyAlundra
  10. She has a big ghost haunting her big tid, but she still gets spooked when researching new ghosts! Commission for nosferatu16 X3
  11. Danji-Isthmus

    It's okay

    Oro doesn't always need to be harsh. Sometimes people just need a hug and some head pets. Commission for @arthfach
  12. Danji-Isthmus


    A Gnoll adventurer for fractusrat on twitter
  13. Danji-Isthmus


    A sweet prince named Momosame. Not forgotten and wished well on his travels Pet Commission
  14. Danji-Isthmus

    Mouse balloons

    Cute chubby Sergal with some balloons for Violentlemonade
  15. More mental chaos in a video, but hey you can see some of my babies, and also see some holes in the ground because not all of them cooperate during feeding time. https://youtu.be/89LCPwKFOo4
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