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  1. Blitzblotch

    Stray stars

    For those of you who recall, Nova was a protagonist in my last dragon comic, 'Have Mercy Oracle' where the art I delivered was up to par but I canceled it due to inability to keep up with it and the lack of motivation. It took a lot out of me but has also taught me a lot, such as background, easy panel tricks and how to self motivate myself. So again I'm bringing Nova back to debut in this comic here; This time, the story is better fleshed out and focused on so that my art doesn't suffer from past mistakes I took. I hope you enjoy the love and work that is being put into this comic and that Nova will have the chance to have both old and new people love his grumpy scalie hide again. Stray stars will have ONE NEW PAGE every MONDAY EVENING. Stay tuned for new pages and feel free to offer both your support for this ambitious comic as well as your critique and idea's! You guys motivate me to do this and I hope I motivate you to continue to show Nova some love one more time.
  2. Blitzblotch


    Soo I'm just gonna keep this as a bit pile of pokemon stuff even though I wouldn't treat them normally in the same category. I don't do to many pokemon anymore.
  3. I suddenly wished i had a smaller ref sheet, but here is my scaly dragony self. Don't my the spikes
  4. Blitzblotch


    A pure force of chaos and fun
  5. Blitzblotch

    Rodeo Ravine/MLP

    So I made a shot at creating a little mlp universe and story line. It didn't really take off but it was fun. Anyways I put the center at a city called rodeo ravine which was a new settlement at the bottom of the country of Cosmos. The planet itself was known as Cavalan.
  6. Blitzblotch


    Look at that happy tooothy kitty cat.
  7. Ugh I have to catch up and submit a lot of my stuff here. So I think im gonna start just loading a bit of my gallery a bit here every day. Probably get my pony and pokemon stuff on here next. 

  8. Blitzblotch

    SS: Characters

    I need a place to put references for all the characters i plan to be introducing for the comic. Here it is.
  9. How did you come about choosing your fursonna? Well originally it was a leopard, but got changed to a dragon since I started focusing on my comic series and my constant use of it. Though my last sona was more fluid in nature, this one is a bit more solid as it tends to mimic my tendencies a bit more. Also I'm like highly allergic to cats. What about your fursonna name? I went to a name list and looked up definitions. Im actually not sure how i came up with ridley because it has something to do with turtles and i was way late on the aliens game so I didn't consider that when I chose the name. What do you like about others of your same species? Well, dragons are big scaling monsters. I love scales and creatures that I can customize a bit more. So there is a huge verity . What do you dislike about others of your same species? The stereo type is arrogance, that I do fall under...in a lot of situations. Usually it has to do with IT, but I try to be good with it and keep it in my head.
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