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Red Clock

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Life has many doors, Ed boy

About Me

h e l l o ⏰

I am Redesignated Clockwork, otherwise known as Redesignated, Clockwork, Red Clock, Red, etc.

I am an artist specializing in grayscale traditional media artwork and fiction writing. Other forms of art, including pixel art and animations, music composition, and Web design, may also appear. I request that you ask before providing critique.

You will find a mixture of humans, anthros/furries, and monsters/creatures depicted in my work.

My pronouns are they/them or she/her.

If you would like to know more, or find me elsewhere, please see my Carrd (https://redclock.carrd.co/).

Thank you.


Commission information: https://redclock.carrd.co/#commissions 
Commiss.io Tip Jarhttps://commiss.io/redclock/pay/
Buy Me a Coffee: https://buymeacoff.ee/redclockart


Note: When viewing my gallery, it is recommended that you sort by original upload date, as I occasionally go back to adjust tags, descriptions, etc. long after a piece is initially posted.

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