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Princess Tales Zero-Stone

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Everything posted by Princess Tales Zero-Stone

  1. I drew a picture of my family singing Christmas caroling while Dark is delivering all the gifts to the children and families around the world. Merry Christmas everyone
  2. This is an old Christmas gift I did for Darkbitcold Stone A lovely Christmas with his wonderful wife. Happy Holidays, Everyone
  3. Princess Tales Zero-Stone

    I'm just learning

    I'm not the best artist in the world. I want to continue to learn and grow as an artist. My artwork just helps me to relax and just try out new things.
  4. This is a gift I made for my friend Princess Jessica a Christmas while back. She and Tales are giving out gifts as Santa's special helpers. Merry Christmas everyone
  5. This is a Birthday gift from Tales' daughter Darksara giving her dad Darkbitcold Stone the best gift of all.
  6. From the album: I'm just learning

    This is a Birthday gift for a really really dear friend that I truly love on both DA and FA named Darkbitcold Stone. I drew him a gift of his oc Darkbitcold Stone cos-play as Gladion of Pokemon Sun and Moon. I have Tales his wife cos-play as Lillie Gladion's little sister.

    © Nintendo/Pokemon Company/Game Freak

  7. From the album: I'm just learning

    Coral my echidna I drew her hanging out at the beach enjoy

    © Amy Rose (c) Sega

  8. From the album: I'm just learning

    Just an friendly picture of Princess Tales and Amy Rose. She loves Sonic I understand that and so does all the other Sonic girls like : Blaze, Sally and even Oc Sonic fan girls. That's cool, I like Amy more like a friend than another rival for Sonic's heart. She's just like Minnie Mouse just with a hammer.

    © Amy Rose (c) Sega

  9. Hello my name is Princess Tales Zero

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