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    Kacey Miyagami
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    Discord - LegatusFlagrans#0790

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    Frank Rossi
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    Red Fox
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    M - cis
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    5'8"/173 cm
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    I'm still putting an actual ref together and I've been super lazy abt it TwT

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About Me

23 | Cis - He/Him/His | Heteroflexible/Gynesexual

Hiya! I'm Josh.
I'm a student in Astrophysics at the University of Alabama, but also an artist, gamer, and musician, and doodle quite a bit when I'm not studying, gaming, or wasting my life on the internet. I hope to work toward my doctorate, and one day become a professor, to better the lives of others through the spread of knowledge.

I am also somewhat of a classics enthusiast, and have a particular fascination with the civilization of ancient Roma. I can read and write in Latin, and am fairly well read on the culture and history of the Romans, especially regarding their military customs.

As far as my personal life goes, I'm currently several months into a relationship with the most wonderful girl ever to come into my life ❤️. I am also a devout Catholic and a leftist - feel free to debate how the two are compatible if you dare - and sometimes take time to express my faith and beliefs in my artwork.

Artistically, I don't specifically focus my skills in one area, though I am most comfortable with pencil and paper or digital art as my medium, and prefer to do sci-fi/fantasy/historical works.

I'm relatively new to the furry community as a whole, so I hope to get to know some of you lovely folks out there! X3

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