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  1. Ok. so every so often Flo does this. There is no way to get out of it switch tabs or refresh. Browser is firefox. This can happen on almost any activity it seems, the activities it has happened to me one are; opening the forums, trying to start a new thread, and visiting someone's page.
  2. Sounds like the intro song to a show about a small town with a dark secret and a protagonist who wants to get to the bottom of it no matter how many bodies pile up. Pretty catchy, kinda like a rock song with some dark country to it. Now, here is something wild.
  3. I am 28 chapters into a project that i can't get going again and it might be time to set it aside and do something else. Though it is hard to write anything these days.
  4. Hi there. I go by stuart. I am a cis-male in my late 30s, and have been in and around the furry fandom ever since i was 13 or 14. It has been a real trip being in the fandom for 25+ years, but honestly i think it is one of the better things to happen to me. The fandom helped me through a lot. The heavy stuff is going to come first. ( yes that is a pun ) *I will discuss the Fat Fur community briefly, feel free to skip if that is not your thing* To me body acceptance is both the acceptance of your body as it is and the acceptance of any efforts you want to undertake to change it. I kn
  5. I take 1 cup of each, Quinoa, pearl barley, rice, then some chopped carrots, chopped potatoes, chopped mushrooms, a full block of extra firm Tofu diced, some serano chilies, a little bit of soysauce and half a veggie stock cube and throw it in a rice cooker. Then when that is done i eather just eat that or i put it in the middle of a quesadilla. That is my go to Veggie meal. As for my favorite vegetarian meal, i don;'t have one. there are many wonderful dishes and i refuse to pick just one. I may not be a vegitarian but boy is there some great food that don't need meat to be t
  6. Forums are nice. Sometimes the people on them aren't but i like the idea of getting together to discuss things. When discussions are civil and genuine it is a thing of beauty.
  7. I wouldn't say "Disturbed or Concerning" but one of the most darkly intriguing things i have found is this piece from the Series "Requiem" The things that truly disturb me would be too graphic for this thread.
  8. I am really starting to see why the people i pitch this site to say they feel unwelcome. A Probationary social credit system? Really? This would discourage shy people as well as newbies who don't know anyone here already. We already have a reputation system to penalize trolls and bad actors, but to tell new members they essentially have to go through probation or have pre-existing connections sounds like it is made to be abused.
  9. In both Expanded universe and new Canon there are force traditions other than the the Jedi and Sith. Which of them calls to you? This might be cheating but i like the idea of the Je'daai order, the ancient EU progenitor of both Jedi and sith. Their philosophy was centered on keeping the Dark and Light side of the force in balance, both within themselves and on their world of Tython, which would react violently if with force was to predominant. I have always liked the idea of integrating and balancing out differing forces and i admit that is my main draw. Their code is as follows:
  10. I will list them all with no explanation or synopsis so you can be surprised. Foreign films will have their country of origin listed. The Void. Når dyrene drømmer/When animals Dream. (Denmark) The Howling. American Werewolf In London. Ég man þig/I Remember you. (Iceland) Sorgenfri/ What We Become. (Denmark) LillyCat (Japan, Anime) BloodGlacier (Germany)
  11. i honestly don't know. I was 9-10 when i realized something was off and i wasn't normal but i don't remember when realized it fully. I have slid up and down the Kinsey scale and really don't know what to call myself these days.
  12. Bold of you to assume i am coping.... Not seriously i am constantly angry in the summers because we are burning and constantly worrying the rain is going to cause slides.
  13. Ok, this is going to sound Bland, But i am going with "Alien" the theatrical cut. I think it is kinda just the perfect Sci-fi horror film. Almost every aspect of the story is unsettling when considered.
  14. I don't know if i would call it my favorite but i bought a can of the good strong PVC plumbing glue and some Teflon tape a few months ago and they have been very useful. That or this pretty comfy Carheart jacket that kept me warm in winter and was strong enough to protect me from a rather thorny plant i have here. only 1 out of 20 thorns slipped through the weave.
  15. *Link is Moderator response to Apology thread from elsewhere on the site. I think though it is relevent to attempts to mend fence. This Thread is mainly aimed at non users who have expressed distrust at the site because of the rumor about the site that have been flying around on outside platform. Please keep conversation civil, i am trying to mend fences. Fatfurs, I know we are all raw, and tired of having this conversation ever few years while enduring the constant contempt of society at large as well as from elements within the fandom, but here we have a Mod statement that
  16. I don't know. I have never had a club closed. Also this information is more than a year old, some of the functions are different after all the updates. I will try to send a mod this way though.
  17. I really like the custimizability and versatility in Warlocks but i really don't like how some DM handle patrons. I like how flexible and thematic i can make warlocks since i get 2 sets of options to mix and match, Patron type and pact boon. I may change my fave at some point but current is Warlock.
  18. Since this thread has been thoroughly derailed, and people not being addressed by the topic feel the need to ruffle feathers i am going to request a lock of this thread. I believe i have received the answers i needed.
  19. From what i am gathering it is generally understood that fat bodies are not inherently sexual or fetishistic ( at least from the good faith discussers ) The topic seems to have shifted to "Where is the line between fine and fetish" which is something that does need to be nailed down on the part of the moderators and the community. Like i said in the original post, there are spectrums inherent in almost every aspect of this discussion. The step of finding the lines and designating them will likely not be easy, but it must be done. I fully acknowledge there is a difference in degrees between
  20. For the last few days there have been rampant rumors concerning this site and how it treats characters with fat bodies. To the other Fatfurs who have stayed how has the site made you feel? Do you feel unwelcome or Have you had no problems? The constant comment i have heard was that "Fat is Automatically NSFW on FLO" and that has not been my experience and from what i have gathered it came about when a moderator found one image in an Album that contained inflation which IS listed as a fetish in the CUP*, causing the whole album to be marked NSFW by one of the 4 moderators at the time.
  21. These are some Home-brewed tech weapons for 5E that have a little more Variety than the Laser Rifle that is included in some official adventures. They are open to be used and modified for your own purposes. Laser Pistol (Standard) Ranged Weapon (Simple, pistol) Category: Items Damage: 1d8 Damage Type: Radiant Item Rarity: Standard ( or rare ) Properties: Loading (20), Range, one handed Range: 80/320 Weight: 2 Light Plasma pistol Ran
  22. Lots of sci-fi involves combat, and with sci-fi combat comes all kinds of interesting weapons from Ray guns to "bullets but blue." In this thread we will discuss sci-fi weapons and how they fit into their worlds. I think the perfect example of a weapon fitting its setting is the hand phaser from Startrek. It is versatile enough to be used as a tool as well as a weapon, and even as a weapon it has multiple settings dedicated to non lethal combat, perfect for a peaceful intentioned civilization like the Federation. Spacedock did an overview of it that i think it worth a watch.
  23. This is a thread all about awesome space ware. Issac Arthur's video essay on Space suits. Design wise spacesuits can tell you a lot about the setting. Their angularity sets visual tone and their bulk speaks to the level of technology. Here are a few i dig. Sharee yours and tell us what about their design grabs you!
  24. Since Science is a large part of Science fiction, why not open a "Sciences" section that could discuss everything from Biology to particle physics. Since most of us aren't scientists it could be "Speculative science section" or something.
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