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    Ask Me

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    EDM / alternative / indie
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    Discord (PM for information)

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    Kipekee Reddington
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    Winged Foxdog
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    She loves sushi!

About Me

Hi! My name is Kipekee. But, you can also call me Kip! 

17 / Female / Christian / Winged Foxdog 

I'm mainly a drawing and digital artist, and an art student who does anthro stuff on the side. My favorite animals are foxes, dogs, and cats! ❤️ I mostly post art of my OCs as well as stuff I've drawn for other people! I'm also a Christian and like to let my faith influence my work. 

All of my art info is in this link (commissions, Toyhou.se, queue, other art sites, etc) https://linktr.ee/kipekeereddington 


Commissions: Closed as of now

Requests: Always closed unless I offer them 

Trades: Depends. Please ask 

Collabs: Depends. Please ask 


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