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  1. Topics with good intentions and great discussions behind them keep getting derailed, eventually leading to a locked thread.A good example of this are the Feral threads discussing the mechanics behind feral/anthro does not inherently make something zoo through experience, then people come in and start discussing the ban itself or start name calling. Thus we have to worry about a thread being locked for a thread that was expanding the discussion to the nuance of the topic. Instead of locking a whole thread for another similar thread to be made, can people who derail threads get a warning as
  2. You don't want to use that logic. You char has a skull for a head. Similar chars have been in sexual situations. Does that promote necrophilia? That same logic is why a lot of non-furries think anthros are inherently into zoos/bestiality cause 2 feral dogs kissing and 2 anthro dogs kissing really doesn't look different up close
  3. I assume the idea is that you don't want an IRL creature someone can find, get an attachment to it, and then abuse it It's similar to "weird" kinks people don't care about. Macro kills buildings all the time but no one cares cause no one will turn into a 50 foot tall falco If you have a kink like asphyxiation, that can be replicated IRL which could and has caused people to die They didn't address the underlying reason why zoos exist with this ruling but does affect your friends sadly. However, the fix to that would be to address the zoo problem rather than a ban that will do very litt
  4. It's silly to call it discrimination ya. Having a feral-bodied creature and it being banned for sex is limiting but is not close to discrimination. However, it should be clear that this rule doesn't address the Zoo issue. It addresses a small portion of it that'll be negated by the other rulings that allow zoo-liked creatures to still be here. And that can easily still transfer to grooming and what not. It also stops a lot of art that is not related to zoo interests that will cause issues down the line for many folk This is a hard topic to fix due to the nature of the furry fandom it
  5. I think the definition of feral was really unclear for the poll and there really should be a consideration for another poll breaking down what people think feral actually means Cause I voted yes on the feral poll thinking it meant the stereotype of a feral creature that also has stereotypical animalistic traits If I had known it just meant the imagery of stereotypical animalistic traits, I would have voted no. Because I've yelled at enough zoos to know that's not what they care about
  6. If you read into zoo stuff, a zoo isn't /just/ looking to diddle a dog because it looks like a dog. The appearance of a creature is not the thing they care about. It's an element but it's a lesser element they can also get from anthros. A feral dog's and an anthro dog's face can be the exact same, and they'd like that However, they also care that the lion is mentally a lion aka does lion things aka the creature IS the stereotype of said creature. So like, Simba has a human personality, a human backstory, etc. So you can have everyday people who don't know what a furry is thinking Simba is
  7. 1. Does this affect drawings depicting mid-transformation into an animal? 2. This ruling seems like it'll get rid of portion of zoos but doesn't actually address the underlying reason zoos are around in the first place. Like for example, a lot of why people like transformation is because of the process for the change into a creature/the mechanics of being another creature that is beyond the human experience. I assume zoos would be annoyed by this ruling but that won't remove the underlying desire of taking a creature they deem to be fuckable and wanting a relationship with th
  8. There are multiple sentences in their statement Here are information videos on some conservative ideas
  9. Conservative polices negatively affect how I make stuff for the fandom. Politics doesn't go away because we have a furry avatar. Please reconsider your statement's wording. It does not sound respectful but rather it sounds passive aggressive.
  10. If you're confident in your underlying reasoning for what you're doing, you'll be fine. You can't really stand by your beliefs if you're afraid of where they go. You need to know the quite parts of those beliefs and how they affect others because not doing anything will ultimately allow another person to choose for you. Also a lot of people can be untrustworthy but most people are not out to be bad or evil. There's a certain level of trust you should give otherwise society literally can't function. *Edit: Also every ideology has quite statements about them. If you can't say or d
  11. Hyper ween, especially where being said hyper gets in the way of random actives
  12. @Zasz Hello I am testing a thing uwu

  13. I M P U R E !  >:v

  14. Magical ones or scientific endeavors
  15. owo so many new people

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