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  1. Wesacer


    Was just hanging out when this cute and handsome dragon pulled me in for a kiss, I could not resist it though.
  2. This is mostly a "I fucking love my sona" post, but with a side of "Oh look, I'm different"

    Gosh dog, with how much I love Derg's I never thought that my sona would end up being a wolfo! But, God I love him, all of his changes, the way he is now, how he reflects onto me. I am proud of him, made him back in October 2019, he was a story character from when I wanted to write stories. He had a different design then, was a serious, wise cracking and sarcastic and loving and protective wolf, chosen to fight a great evil. Now? He's a cute/handsome, shy, sarcastic and loving gay wolf who loves a good smooch! His design is almost, unrecognizable from his original design, but he is dear to me!

    ME? I am less shy, I made a couple of strong friends real quick, my shyness and my low self esteem has reduced significantly, now I'm making new close friends, I have never been to a con bout now I want to (just in time for a terrible pandemic) and I want a fursuit, stuff that a year ago I never thought about, but here we are, different, and happier!

  3. It has been done!! All art pieces that I've gotten so far has been posted!

  4. Wesacer


    I am a wolfo, somewhat new to the fandom (as of October 2019, lurked in the fandom since I was 16) I just discovered this site some little while ago and decided to explore it for a it, so far liking how it works! I've been loving my wolf and my experiences (limited now as they may be) in the furry fandom! ^^
  5. Wesacer


    A sign that Taka sees you as a friend is when he bites your ear a bit, just a bit.
  6. Wesacer

    Enjoying the wind

    Decided to take a little walk out and when a gust of wind came, stopped to enjoy it
  7. Wesacer

    Looking good!

    Taka was just walking through the park, enjoying some sun and cool wind. He hears you walking near by and peaks over his shoulder, he gives you a look then walks away, do you follow him?
  8. Wesacer


    Got myself some stickers!! https://t.me/addstickers/Wesacer
  9. Taka Picks up his sword and prepares to fight for his friends and family, with a smile on his face! (This time without his glasses cause he doesn't wanna break them)
  10. Wesacer

    A beautiful day!

    Takahiro decided to take a moment to sit back and enjoy the day, but he notices you looking, do you join him?
  11. Wesacer

    Wanna hang out?

    Your doorbell rings, you open the door to find him. What do you do?
  12. Wesacer

    Casual Takahiro

    Taka's just leaning up against a wall, enjoying the cold air.
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