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  1. I first realized I was gay in seventh grade; had a crush on two of my classmates in school. I was in the closet until after I graduated high school. Coming out in those days was perilous, even growing up in Westchester County (where folks cared more about their lawns than gay people, haha). I came out back when support groups for LGBT youth were pretty much unheard of. I initially came out as bi, figuring it would be easier for folks to accept me if I was "half normal." My parents handled it okay, all things considered. I eventually found out I had several other friends and folks I k
  2. And we're back. -:)

  3. Screech to a halt, as they say!

  4. I am absolutely fascinated with maps and local history and will spend days looking at old historic maps online and finding out What Used To Be There. I know so much about the town I grew up in. It's like a disease. I recently found an archaeological survey online for a plot of land (I played among the foundation of the house on the property when I was a kid) where a developer was going to build single family homes. There was detailed history of a family that lived there decades before I was even born, inventory of artifacts they dug out of the ground—I read it all voraciously. Researching this
  5. It was a massive project that involved lots of sheet rubber, which I've found much more forgiving and easier to work with than vinyl. Held together with rubber-coated fabric and rubber cement. Pretty easy to build. Makes for extremely durable inflatables because rubber is stretchier and... bouncier. -;) It took me years to complete because, like most of my projects, I tend to procrastinate a lot about finishing them.
  6. Hey. Hey you. The person following me.

    Yes, you.

    Introduce yourself.

    [I recognize some of you from Twitter, but I have no idea who some of you are, so hi, tell me a little about yourself.]

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    2. AMX-004 Qubeley

      AMX-004 Qubeley

      I'm Willow! I write a lot and some of it is about plucky adventurers getting turned into mice or werewolves or other furry-adjacent stuff.

    3. tapestrybeast


      Hiya ? I was @corvomancer on Twitter before I left. 

    4. puppyresidue


      you already kinda know me but eff yoo I wanna be silly, so HI I'M RILEY I'M GAY ❤️ 

  7. I used to be politically awful back in high school. My political beliefs tended to fall on the Republican/conservative side. I even went through a brief Libertarian/Ayn Rand phase. Then I came out. This resulted in completely revamping my entire belief system. I'm almost unrecognizable from younger me. I never joined a party, but politically I'm definitely on the left. Even though I'm independent, I've voted Democratic 99% of the time—mainly due to the "Family Rights Forever / Gay Rights Never" folks at the 1992 Republican National Convention. Basically, I would vote Democratic by de
  8. My Steam ID: Xydexx I occasionally stream games on Twitch. Lately I've mostly been playing American Trucking Simulator. But my favorite is Cities:Skylines and I will probably get back to that eventually.
  9. I'm XydexxUnicorn. I've been in the fandom since 1993, but I've been into furries and inflatables for longer than that. I am everyone's favorite inflatable unicorn. I draw a little and write a little and procrastinate a lot. I have a massive collection of inflatable animals. Some might say I have too many, but can one really ever have too many? Anyway, I probably have too many. Oh, I also built a life-size inflatable clydesdale out of sheet rubber years ago. (Disclosure: I sold it years ago and have no idea who owns it now.) I am known—for better or worse—for my inflatable
  10. From the album: XydexxUnicorn's Junk Drawer

    I saw CaseyExplosion post a version of this and decided I'd make one myself.
  11. XydexxUnicorn

    XydexxUnicorn's Junk Drawer

    Time to inflict my terrible art on people. Testing out the album feature. There is no cause for alarm (but there probably will be).
  12. My primary fursona is Xydexx, a gay lavender inflatable unicorn, who I've had since 1993. Xydexx has a naughty "evil" twin named Xxedyx. [Art by DangerFox]
  13. Sure, why not. [Art: @ArtByHornbuckle on Twitter] (Also please post your ref also since I need to practice drawing as well.)
  14. I am Xydexx (he/him/his), everyone's favorite inflatable unicorn who sometimes gets to be a stompy parade balloon. Art by goattrain
  15. Here is our handsome boy, Capt. Strudel McNoodles. We adopted him in 2014. His main interests are watching birds at the birdfeeder, chasing his foam golf ball, and keeping an eye on whatever Rigel and I are doing. I construct elaborate box buildings for him.
  16. Hi Silvally, welcome!
  17. Greetings, and welcome!
  18. Hello, it's me, XydexxUnicorn, everyone's favorite inflatable unicorn. Yes, the fandom's good inflatable unicorn. Not the bad one. I've been involved in Furry fandom since 1993, back in the old days when there was only one Furry convention and you had to have text-based cyberboinks and we cobbled together fursuits out of baling wire and burlap sacks we found down at the old abandoned mill, and we were damn proud of them let me tell ya. Apparently people liked this and the fandom has grown tremendously since those days, like an inflatable unicorn. So there's that. I'm married to Rigel
  19. XydexxUnicorn


    Greetings, lowercase dragon!
  20. Hihihi! Good to see some familiar faces around.
  21. Hi Remy, I am a pony that squeaks!
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