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meatniku last won the day on August 29

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    Ask Me

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    Trip Hop, Retrowave, Symphonic Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Punk
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    Atsushi Ōkubo, Bill Otomo, Cubesona
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    DM me on twitter. I really only give out my discord to friends.

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    Bee Scorpion Hybrid
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    idk she's a bug
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    Bagel can't handle alcohol very well. She is also really short, she's 3ft tall

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Gotta have me a good lasaga

About Me

 / Bagel / she/her / bi / 22 /  Stuck in Furry Hell

Howdy! I'm Bagel and I like coffee, vidya gaems, dragons, bugs, and crying over fictional characters

I'm very shy when it comes to new people but if you want to talk to me about anime, video games, OCs, or how Cats (2019) would of had better character designs if they had a few furries on the team then feel few to shoot me a message!

 Feel free to DM me tho. We can talk about art, music, anime, or why Pokemon Black & White is one of the best games in the series.

You'll see a lot of drawings of my ocs and some world-building stuff as well. I have plans on someday making comics someday too!

IDK what else to add so for now here's a png of Funky Kong. Use it wisely for it is very funky fresh.


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