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  1. CashewLou

    Cashew Lou by Jedd

    From the album: Pics of Lou (SFW)

    This is the second-ever image drawn of Cashew Lou, in early 1998, by the soft-spoken and wildly talented Jedd Marten.
  2. CashewLou

    Pics of Lou (SFW)

    This is SFW artwork of my character, Cashew Lou, that has been drawn by other people. None of the artwork displayed in this album is by my hand, and the artists will be credited and linked (whenever possible).
  3. CashewLou


    From the album: Pics of Lou (SFW)

    This is the very first image ever drawn of Cashew Lou, back in December of 1997. Artwork is by Bob Drake (BD) on Furaffinity. Greymuzzles may remember him by his character name, Huskee.
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