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    The aluminum alloys in Red's prosthetic limbs makes his deceptively small body so dense that he cannot float. He is *terrified* of water.

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  1. 1. Beaks are jaws, not lips. There should not be a chin under your lower mandible. 2. Again, beaks are jaws, not lips. If your beak terminates when it hits the face, it just looks... off. 3. Beaks drawn as noses. WHY. 4. Some time during early-mid 2019, someone started a trend of putting double-barrel horse penis on literally goddamned everything. My adoration of horse penis has been somewhat in decline. 5. Mustaches on snouts. I get it, facial hair is cool. You're not wrong. It just makes me extremely uncomfortable on the end of a snout. 6. Mandatory out-of-place accessories. A red, white, and blue colored thin-blue-line mesh trucker cap just totally kills the vibe in, say, a pony play oriented latex BDSM commission. 7. Utterly indistinguishable fox-wolf-husky-coyote-fennec-dingo-shepherd-mix characters and whatever comically unpronounceable portmanteau the creator has coined for their "original creation". You know you're about to get bitched at for some unreasonable proportioning issue that was in no way readily apparent on the adorably cartoony, yet decidedly sparse refsheet, or sometimes a risque but unhelpful SL screenshot. Probably doesn't help that most of these end up being emo sparkledogs with unreasonable patterns, accessories and details. 8. Peopleface/kemonomimi with animal ears, without exception hidden by some ridiculous hairstyle only compatible with standing perfectly upright. . WHERE DID THE REGULAR EARS GO PEOPLE DOESN'T THAT MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DRAW THAT LAYING ON ITS BACK!? Exceptions given to animal ears in kinda the right place, those can be kinda badass. 9. Detailed tattoos on fur, especially shaggy fur. THAT IS NOT HOW HAIR WORKS GUYS. 10. If you're going to use SL as a refsheet, THROW THAT SHIT ON A POSE STAND. PLEASE. Aaaaand that's why I switched to music.
  2. Romantic orchestral is nice because you have the same emphasis on technical skill and precision as you do in classical music, but there's less need to adhere to some rigid structure or form. I have an old vinyl recording of Holst's "Planets Suite" which remains one of my prized possessions despite his tragic view that his other compositions were getting overshadowed by it. However. I don't think anything can really hold my attention in quite the same way that drum & bass does, specifically the tech-step subgenre. You have such a blending of such wildly different timbres, using traditionally tonal elements as rhythmic ones, using traditionally rhythmic elements as tonal ones, intensely mathematical patterns, and the *near* complete liberation from a need to adhere to format. Noise art just doesn't do it for me, I draw a line between "Noise and texture as nontraditional musical elements to highlight the shortcomings of traditional reliance on time, timbre and tone in conveying highly nuanced emotions" and "Let's make unmusical sounds and call it music just so that tonedeaf neckbeards will think we're intellectual".
  3. Thank you! I have a friend who does some sort of documentary stuff on the various adventures he goes on, this track was supposed to provide the backdrop for something extraordinarily dangerous that very nearly got him killed. Granted, we're all laughing about it now, but it's fun to really help the watchers get into the spirit of the moment. 😄
  4. I love to cook, but it only really took off last year after I lost my job and needed to find ways to amuse and feed myself that didn't involve spending a lot of money. To date I've enjoyed baking and deep-frying homemade breads, pastries and similar items the most. Soups can be alright, but I always make way too much and get sick of them before I've consumed the whole pot.
  5. Hey there! Thanks for following, what caught your eye?

    1. Ammy Rootpaws

      Ammy Rootpaws

      I swung by the music section and listened to Apex Predator. I assume that the goal of the site is to have people post their original music only (have noticed some other stuff being posted, so am unsure at this point), however if it's your original work then I quite enjoy your talent 😉

    2. redtail


      Yep! I never really understood someone posting some commercial artist's music to their own page. 
      It's like... Buddy, you're not fooling anybody. ^v^;;

      Thank you!

  6. Music and Audio media submitted to the site may not contain copyrighted material. Individual clips or samples may not make up more than 30 seconds of the media, with consideration given for repeating samples. I'm a little confused by the wording of this, can someone clarify what the ToS policy is regarding remixed work? If no copyrighted material may be uploaded, then I guess I don't understand why the 30 second stipulation exists. COuld someone please clarify? I'm curious about whether or not uploading "bootleg" remixes would be considered a breach of ToS.
  7. Thanks! This one is a long time coming. Much more experimental than I usually do on account of it being originally intended to be part of a series of tracks that I used to teach myself how to write soundtrack/BGM stuff. I'm super proud of it.
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