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Spazz Dragon

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Status Updates posted by Spazz Dragon

  1. Good news everyone! I am successfully moved in with my BF! And now i'm gonna make some cookies to celebrate.

  2. Installed DosBox on my PC so i could play Daggerfall. Gotta love old games and their hard as balls difficulty. But i can see why people remember it so fondly. A few mods to polish up the looks and the game itself holds up decently well. Even if it doesn't explain enough of its systems to you. I imagine that is what the manual would have been for. Me, i have the power of the internet. And unofficial patches. So what have you all been up to lately? 

  3. I am seeing a lot of awesome Art being posted today. Our little community has some awesome artists in it. Keep on being awesome! 

  4. Is it sad that i just ordered a bunch of snacks through DoorDash because while i have plenty of food in the house, i am really craving some comforting junk food? 

  5. I know it's a bit early for soup, but I didn't sleep so its technically very late for soup. I made french onion soup. It only took about an hour and a half but it is soooooo worth it. X3


    1. Ajax


      Love French onion soup 

  6. I want to get a commission... Now the question is: What kind? I always got so many ideas when im broke, now im sitting on a pile of money well above my budget, and no clue what to get. 

    1. Mementos


      literally anything and everything.

    2. Spazz Dragon

      Spazz Dragon

      I dont have that much extra money X3 Pluss that sounds like a mess. A gloriously fun mess, but a mess none the less.

  7. To think. If things hadn't gone to hell in a hand basket these past few months. I might be living with my boyfriend right now. 

  8. I'm gonna start cracking down on bad tagging. So you know. Put tags on your pictures that actually describe the image. character name tags are pretty pointless to most people looking to either find certain kinds of content, or keep from seeing certain kinds of content. So for now, if you see some of the tags on your images have changed a bit. Yeah that was probably me.

  9. So what is everyone doing to pass the time right now? Given the whole current situation with people being told to stay at home and all that, im just curious. Me, im just perusing the fine art on display. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Spazz Dragon

      Spazz Dragon

      You are doing important work. Stay safe out there. 

    3. Venthas


      Working. The vibration engineering firm I work for is considered an Essential Service in south Florida.

    4. Phastor


      Not much has changed for me since I spend all of my free time at home. Only now my job has me working from home as well. So now this might be a little too much time inside XD

  10. Things are slowly returning to normal. At least as normal as they can be while a Viral outbreak is running rampant. :T

  11. My last 5 days

    Sun: Find out My best friend died.

    Mon: Spend the day informing people of the death, and grieving. 

    Tues: I buy a ticket to fly to South Dakota, because that is where my friend was living, with his parents when he died. I want to be there for the funeral on Saturday. Early morning flight to save money. Cost is roughly $600. Flight leaves 6am Friday. plan to spend Friday night in a cheap hotel and fly back the day after. Looking forward to getting closure. Somber sure, but i figure it will help me in the grieving process.

    Wed: Work a double to make up already missed shifts because I am to poor to take off to many days. 

    Thur: Work, get home around 6:30. Get on my computer to talk with people. [8:00pm] Find out that the funeral home canceled the service due to corona virus. I attempt to cancel my flight. Delta refuses to refund my ticket cost. [10:00pm] File an appeal form on Delta's website to hopefully explain the situation and get a refund.

    Me: Waiting for a response, knowing it likely wont come until after the weekend. ;-; 

    Sorry for dumping this on you all like that. I general keep sad things to myself. I try not to burden anyone with my problems. But sometimes it helps calm me down to get it all out. And this whole situation has just had me an emotional wreck. I went for a walk to get coffee earlier tonight and tried to clear my head... It rained on me. Even the universe is kicking me while I'm down. 

    1. Shagoli


      Oof, holy crap! I hope you feel better soon ; - ; I know it might feel a bit impersonal, but this random stranger on the internet is rooting for you. Fingers crossed that you get your refund!

    2. AlexTheFuzzball


      That's a terrible 5 days. I understand wanting to keep sad things to yourself. Sometimes you just gotta tell people (even if those people are random strangers online) because it helps a little. I feel like your manager should give you a while to mourn your friend instead of making you work more. I really hope you at least get your refund. My DMs are open if you want to talk. I hope you have good days soon.

  12. I went to take a nap today and ended up sleeping the day away. I'm like a video game character. You go to the bed and it asks, "Do you want to sleep until tomorrow?" And it was only 4:30 XP woke up about 10 min ago. 

  13. I bet new years would be more fun if i actually had local friends to spend it with XP *raises a glass* To drinking alone! Now to go get wasted and play video games. 

    1. Phastor


      Gaming all night sounds like a good new years to me!

  14. It Christmas. 


    Merr Christmas 

    1. Phastor


      Merr late Christmas!

  15. The parts for my new PC have shipped! *excited dragon noises*

  16. Work kicked my ass today. . . XP Time to relax and look at cute and or lewd furry pictures. 

    1. Phastor


      Always a good use of time after a hard day at work!

  17. You know you need your cup of coffee when you fail to make your cup of coffee correctly X3 

    1. Phastor


      Like the other day when I put the grounds in the basket before putting in the filter...

  18. My friends got me Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Steam for my birthday :3 I am so Excited to play! Those games where my childhood.  

    1. Phastor


      Happy late birthday!

      You are going to have a lot of fun with Spryo. I've been playing it on Switch. :3

  19.  So one of my favorite games just got a new update that added an new playable set of characters. Armello Just add the Dragon Clan! I love how each of the new characters play. ITs a ton of fun. If anyone likes boardgames this is a really good electronic one! 


  20. Got a new phone. Its super weird... not used to having a proper computer in my pocket at all times. My last phone was a piece of trash. 

  21. Your art is freakin adorable! 

  22. So I'm lookin into getting a simple art tablet so i can finally get serious about improving my skill at drawing. I always hated paper and pencil, just because i always did so much erasing that the page was a big grey smudge by the time i finished a simple sketch. With a tablet i could appease the perfectionist in me without burning the house down from eraser friction. Just gonna get something cheaper, can always upgrade if my skills ever improve enough to warrant it. Wish me luck! 

    1. Boar


      I feel this so hard, I really dislike doing traditional art with the smudges and such ; o; Good luck!

    2. Ammy Rootpaws

      Ammy Rootpaws

      I started with and still use a small wacom intuos. Never used anything else so I can't really compare it, but it's done the job. When it comes to art programs I've seen beautiful stuff done with medibang, however I use clip studio 5 for now till I can upgrade to Photoshop. 

  23. Flying the long journey home in Elite Dangerous. Another couple thousand light years to go. . . Its lonely all the way out here in deep space. 😞

  24. Its quiet... To quiet...

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