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Spazz Dragon

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Status Updates posted by Spazz Dragon

  1. The parts for my new PC have shipped! *excited dragon noises*

  2. Work kicked my ass today. . . XP Time to relax and look at cute and or lewd furry pictures. 

    1. Phastor


      Always a good use of time after a hard day at work!

  3. Welcome to FLO! 

  4. You know you need your cup of coffee when you fail to make your cup of coffee correctly X3 

    1. Phastor


      Like the other day when I put the grounds in the basket before putting in the filter...

  5. My friends got me Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Steam for my birthday :3 I am so Excited to play! Those games where my childhood.  

    1. Phastor


      Happy late birthday!

      You are going to have a lot of fun with Spryo. I've been playing it on Switch. :3

  6.  So one of my favorite games just got a new update that added an new playable set of characters. Armello Just add the Dragon Clan! I love how each of the new characters play. ITs a ton of fun. If anyone likes boardgames this is a really good electronic one! 


  7. Got a new phone. Its super weird... not used to having a proper computer in my pocket at all times. My last phone was a piece of trash. 

  8. Your art is freakin adorable! 

    1. Farraige


      aw ty ty!!

  9. So I'm lookin into getting a simple art tablet so i can finally get serious about improving my skill at drawing. I always hated paper and pencil, just because i always did so much erasing that the page was a big grey smudge by the time i finished a simple sketch. With a tablet i could appease the perfectionist in me without burning the house down from eraser friction. Just gonna get something cheaper, can always upgrade if my skills ever improve enough to warrant it. Wish me luck! 

    1. Boar


      I feel this so hard, I really dislike doing traditional art with the smudges and such ; o; Good luck!

    2. Ammy Rootpaws

      Ammy Rootpaws

      I started with and still use a small wacom intuos. Never used anything else so I can't really compare it, but it's done the job. When it comes to art programs I've seen beautiful stuff done with medibang, however I use clip studio 5 for now till I can upgrade to Photoshop. 

  10. Flying the long journey home in Elite Dangerous. Another couple thousand light years to go. . . Its lonely all the way out here in deep space. 😞

  11. Its quiet... To quiet...

  12. Just uploaded a big batch of stickers i got recently, and a couple of old ones i forgot to upload. Im to lazy to have multiple Sticker albums, for the NSFW and SFW stickers, so the whole thing is labeled NSFW. 

  13. How does one express their own nervousness when said nervousness makes it hard to express it? PARADOX! 

  14. Oh look, FA is down again. What a lovely day to be on FLO :3

    1. Favnir_Dragon


      I know right. XD I was thinking the same thing. lol

    2. Phastor


      I'll third that. XD

    3. Kaarma


      God it was down for two whole days. jesus.

  15. Just put up some cash to be a founder for the site. I hope this is money well spent. If not... well its just ten bucks. Worth the gamble if you ask me. I am sure this place will only get better as time goes on.

  16. How does one go about asking someone if they would be interested in getting a commission together? Is it weird to just up and ask bluntly? 

    1. Jira


      Are they a friend of yours? Or a stranger? o:
      I think that's important. Also checking their profile if they allow/enjoy art with others is a good indicator as well ^^

    2. Phastor


      Is it someone you know? Do they commonly get art with others? What kind of art do you see them get?

      To me, it seems like something you'll just have to look into case by case. As Kitty said, they might point it out right in their profile on whatever platforms they are using. It may also depend on if what you are wanting is clean or NSFW. I've been asked before and didn't mind. I find it kind of flattering. I've said yes and no. The only time it bothered me was when someone pressed it after I'd already told them no.

      Good luck! :3


  17. I need a car. . . I need a better job is what i need. XD Can't afford a car without a better job, can't get a better job without a car. Strange the paradoxes we find ourselves in. 😛

  18. Got another couple commissions coming down the pipeline. But will it be Spazz? Or Nezza? 
    What would you rather see another pic of? 

    Vote down bellow by reacting with Thanks for Spazz, and Haha for Nezza!

  19. Welcome to FLO! This place is pretty intuitive to figure out. Hope you enjoy the site! Oh and i love the character! Such a cutie. 

  20. A good lookin dragon :3

    1. Favnir_Dragon


      Thank you very much!! 😄

  21. So i decided to put in a Mod application. What's the worst thing that could happen? Famous last words right? I am sure it will be fine. But I like this site, and i want to see it succeed. So if i can help in anyway I want to. If it means as a Mod, Than im all for it. If not, i can think of other ways to help. Right now the biggest way is to spread the word. Of course im planning on doing that anyway X3 

  22. Saw your work on FA. Its really nice stuff. Very cute. ^w^ And thanks for the follow. Hope you don't mind if i follow ya back. 

    1. HarryTheWolf



      Thankies~ glad you like it! And no problem~ love your character Nezza :3

  23. So my artist needed to renew her license for the art software she uses. ( Trial period ended. ) And so i  though, ya know what, imma help her out. I can afford to do something nice for someone. And now i find myself in a strange spot. As she has asked me to come up with some ideas for her... 


    1. Mouse Paws

      Mouse Paws

      Badges, video game YCHs (E3 has lots of new games she could take inspiration from!), cheap icons, summer stuff? just some ideas o: that's nice of you to help her out!

  24. Been thinking about it, and in hind sight. I should have paced out my uploads. If i paced them out over the period of say... 2 weeks. A couple posts here a couple posts there, and i could have snagged a whole lot more eye traffic. Darn. Guess i will just have to be clever and put out interesting posts on the forums like everyone else. 


  25. I really hope this place takes off! It is so much nicer than FurAffinity. The features alone are miles ahead! 

    1. Aria


      Totally agree~!

    2. Tianti


      I'm still working on adding more stuff in too ;v; If you want to leave some feedback, the Discord's always open, or a forum post would work too.

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