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Spazz Dragon

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Everything posted by Spazz Dragon

  1. The parts for my new PC have shipped! *excited dragon noises*

  2. Work kicked my ass today. . . XP Time to relax and look at cute and or lewd furry pictures. 

    1. Phastor


      Always a good use of time after a hard day at work!

  3. Spazz Dragon

    Nezza's Destiny

    From the album: Nezza SFW

    A picture of Nezza wearing my Warlock's Dreaming City Armor set. Holding Cremil's Dagger, and readying an Arc grenade. Please take a moment to go check out The Artist's Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Magicalartist

    © SpazzDragon / MagicalArtist

  4. Spazz Dragon

    Nezza SFW

    All of the Safe For Work art of my secondary character, Nezza. As you can see its pretty empty in here as of yet. Working on filling it up with commissions in due time.
  5. Spazz Dragon

    Looking at you

    From the album: Scraps and other SFW things.

    Got bored, so I made a quick GIF of a dragon eye.

    © SpazzDragon

  6. Spazz Dragon

    Scraps and other SFW things.

    For stuff that just doesn't fit in my other albums.
  7. Spazz Dragon

    Dancing Durgan

    From the album: Scraps and other SFW things.

    I got bored while at work so I opened up Pixel Studio on my phone and did this. It's really dumb and simple but it passed the time.

    © SpazzDragon

  8. The fur above me is actually a sentient letter L that escaped from Sesame Street.
  9. Welcome to FLO! 

  10. You know you need your cup of coffee when you fail to make your cup of coffee correctly X3 

    1. Phastor


      Like the other day when I put the grounds in the basket before putting in the filter...

  11. Spazz Dragon

    MTG Spazz

    From the album: Scraps and other SFW things.

    I got bored so i made and MTG card.

    © SpazzDragon

  12. I was going to... But then i ate them. The user below was banned for: Drinking an inordinate amount of Instant Coffee... And liking it.
  13. Spazz Dragon

    Birthday Dragon

    From the album: Spazz SFW

    This was a Gift from Magic, and my amazing friends! I am so lucky to have such great friends in my life. They are what keeps me going. ( Far left, Cowbell: Character name: Dahlia. Mid Left: Toki, Mid low, Hyper, love of my life. Mid right: Brone. Far right, AppleShine. )

    © SpazzDragon / MagicalArtist

  14. Spazz Dragon

    Spazz SFW

    All of the Safe For Work art of Spazz!
  15. My friends got me Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Steam for my birthday :3 I am so Excited to play! Those games where my childhood.  

    1. Phastor


      Happy late birthday!

      You are going to have a lot of fun with Spryo. I've been playing it on Switch. :3

  16. Spazz Dragon

    Gauss Rifle

    From the album: Scraps and other SFW things.

    I got board and since i lack any kind of artistic tallent whatsoever i booted up inkscape and use the magic of the straight line tool to make a Gauss rifle. I might try to 3D model it at some point if i ever stop being a talentless loser.

    © Spazz Dragon

  17.  So one of my favorite games just got a new update that added an new playable set of characters. Armello Just add the Dragon Clan! I love how each of the new characters play. ITs a ton of fun. If anyone likes boardgames this is a really good electronic one! 


  18. Got a new phone. Its super weird... not used to having a proper computer in my pocket at all times. My last phone was a piece of trash. 

  19. Your art is freakin adorable! 

    1. Farraige


      aw ty ty!!

  20. So I'm lookin into getting a simple art tablet so i can finally get serious about improving my skill at drawing. I always hated paper and pencil, just because i always did so much erasing that the page was a big grey smudge by the time i finished a simple sketch. With a tablet i could appease the perfectionist in me without burning the house down from eraser friction. Just gonna get something cheaper, can always upgrade if my skills ever improve enough to warrant it. Wish me luck! 

    1. Boar


      I feel this so hard, I really dislike doing traditional art with the smudges and such ; o; Good luck!

    2. Ammy Rootpaws

      Ammy Rootpaws

      I started with and still use a small wacom intuos. Never used anything else so I can't really compare it, but it's done the job. When it comes to art programs I've seen beautiful stuff done with medibang, however I use clip studio 5 for now till I can upgrade to Photoshop. 

  21. Spazz Dragon

    Evil Twily

    Whoa now. Evil doesn't imidiately mean i like killin babies or nothing. Think more chaos and mayhem not just killing stuff for the fun of it. Think Discord or Dr Doofenshmirtz You know, zany fun evil.
  22. Spazz Dragon

    Evil Twily

    Face it, being evil is just more fun. >:3c
  23. Can confirm, Dragons do indeed love cats. :3
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