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  1. brdey

    Dragon Adoptables!

    From the album: [A] Adoptables

    All are $12, and the color-yourself ones are $5. All are open except for #14! Dm me if interested!
  2. brdey

    [A] Adoptables

  3. I find that hilarious considering I have a close friend who is a HUGE conspiracy nut (believes that 9/11 was an inside job, government is spraying chemicals on us, etc.) and even he believes covid-19 is a real threat and wears a mask. I'm not a conspiracy theorist myself, so I've always laughed at these things-- but seriously! There's just, different breeds of conspiracy nuts. I can't get anybody to actually put their mask over their nose. They put it on, walk away, then take it back off. I've been having a lot of people come in with those absolutely ridiculous mesh masks and it p
  4. Yeah, our store also has limits on things still. Mainly things like kleenex and you wouldn't believe the amount of people that try to say "well I can buy it under a different name, right?" like, no. You're the same person, ma'am... I haven't run into the fake cards yet, but I did have a person start screaming at the top of their longs that I can't ask them for their medical condition when all I asked was "what did you say? I couldn't quite hear you."
  5. Unfortunately, I work 3 jobs-- one of which being at a grocery store. We have a lot of folk come through that refuse to wear masks (mask-mandated state,) and A LOT of those individuals have the dumbest things come out of their mouth. It leaves me shocked sometimes. One individual who comes in nearly on a daily basis because he does Instacart believes that wearing masks kill you. He also believes that "the left" is "hiding the doctors that advocate for no masks." It doesn't help that one the longest-working cashiers there is a "maga mom" and pushes that kind of agenda to our customers daily. I'
  6. brdey

    Forum Vistas!!!

    I think vistas and sprite rewards are definitely a cute idea and would spring the forums to life!
  7. That works out just as fine! Feel free to message me on details of what y'all would like! ^^
  8. Hello there, friends! I'm currently accepting commission in exchange for items off of my wish list. For the hassle of doing that, I'm providing extra art for wish list items on top of the equivalent of that item! Art is expected for the end of month completion and can be anything you'd like! Please follow the links below for prices, examples, and the wish list itself. I'm in need of the items in the link because we'd just moved into our first apartment and unfortunately don't have a whole lot. Anything at all from the wish list is a big help to us. Thanks so much! Amazon Wish List
  9. Hello there! I'm taking commissions for items on my Amazon Wishlist! Buy me (any) item(s) on my wishlist and I'll do art for the equivalent and more. Contact me via DM!

  10. The way I'm seeing it is if we end up banning right-wingers outright then they may come in angrier and troll and target the community more than their views were in the first place! I'm trying to explain what I mean, so sorry if it comes off as apologetic/sympathizing to the right-wingers as it's definitely not how I'm trying to come across. My apologies.
  11. I just mean morally nothing good, as they'd just come back and troll the community even more and it'd be a bug more than now. But I totally understand what you mean.
  12. I absolutely get what you mean. I was adding on as a second post, but I'll elaborate here. I whole-heartedly understand why we'd want right-wing individuals off of this platform. Their political views are more often driven by hatred, dehumanization, and more and I understand where everybody is coming from. I'm a liberal/socialist and as much as I want right-wing individuals to not exist in our all-inclusive fandom, I just don't know if out-right banning them will result in anything good coming from it. That's all I think! And thanks for your reply!
  13. Unfortunately, I don't believe banning right-wing/conservative individuals is the right way to go. While banning fascists, racists, neo-nazis, etc. is very much expected: the other side of the political climate shouldn't warrant a ban. Not all conservatives hold disgusting views. I'm not a conservative myself, and I don't think I'll ever understand their political views; but I don't think they should be banned. That just produces more hate on each side.
  14. brdey

    [c] swear down my neck

    From the album: [C] Commissions

    finished trade with someone via discord~
  15. Hi FurryLife!

    I'm currently opening up 4 more slots of commissions for end-of September completion. If you're interested, feel free to browse my website for my prices and examples @ https://itsbrdey.com . If you find you'd like to commission me, please follow the link to my google form where you can submit a commission for me! Thanks so much!



  16. brdey

    [p] loveyou

    From the album: [P] Personal Art

    my bf and I
  17. brdey

    [P] Personal Art

  18. brdey

    [p] alex

    From the album: [P] Personal Art

    another personal art for a good friend of their butch of a girl
  19. brdey

    [p] honey bee

    From the album: [P] Personal Art

    my bunny, designed by vani
  20. brdey

    [c] let me fly

    From the album: [C] Commissions

    a fullbody art attack on someone who attacked me~
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