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    Ryallin Kelevra
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    Virginia and golden brushtail opossum
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    [Born 2001]
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    Panromantic abrosexual
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  1. https://twitter.com/latexia_/status/1310778183956873217?s=21
  2. Not quoting since I don’t wanna bother Ly but it’s hilarious how that certain someone calls me a stalker too yet they’ve replied to people on my twitter who hadn’t blocked them yet a few times to try n harass me lol
  3. Secretly flexin on my coworkers by wearing my trans flag belt

  4. Kinda want to do an urbex/ abandoned building photoshoot with my poss mask but at the same time don’t know any places in my area that’d be good for that lol

  5. Hey zil if you’re gonna keep stalking me can you please, *please* start doing it from bushes with a pair of binoculars instead of online, lot cooler telling people I’m being staled irl than through social media

  6. real possum hours 

  7. Ex-‘friends’ (high school) for sure know, parting gift to having to deal with them was letting my social media be public back when I graduated early 2018. Out of family my stepdad technically knows (just calls it all cosplay with both my art n merch so far) and only ‘loophole’ (not sure a good term) is my current friend n partner knowing since we initially met online and they’re part a the fandom stuff too
  8. I can understand the point of ‘em to a degree but after a certain amount of popularity or value it becomes ridiculous. In my case the few species I’ve made are closed since I’m still working on them (I feel that’s reasonable) but, for example, primagens have become ‘oversaturated’ (not sure the right term) for a closed species and end up costing ridiculous prices to adopt or even make one
  9. Scrumble

    ska ba dee bop

    ba bididibididi

    eggy egg

  10. Ryallin

    Poss pics

    Selfies n such with fursuit n cosplay stuff
  11. The poss merch so far


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