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  1. Log


    From the album: Commissions

    Lovely Couples Commission from Twitter~

    © ©Log:

  2. Leopard Adopt! Looking for $10~ Payment via PayPal
  3. Log


  4. Log


    From the album: OC's

    © ©Log:

  5. Log


    From the album: Commissions

    © ©Log:

  6. Log


    From the album: Commissions

    © ©Log:

  7. Log

    Loona Cosplay

    From the album: Commissions

    © ©Log:

  8. Log


    A cat mug I was gifted~ And although I don't really use it, fish inside can be a tea infuser! I think this mug is adorable. The tail as a handle is also stronger than it looks
  9. Log

    Nil [Reference]

    Yes! Their alt form has 2 pairs of wings on the tail!
  10. Hello I'm Log:! It's lovely to be here! I love all sorts of teas but I mainly love anything fruity or floral. I currently love Milk Oolong tea which smells like condensed milk before brewing! I'm trying to improve my homemade boba tea game, and I'm always looking to add to my tea collection~
  11. Log

    Miscellaneous artwork

    Other drawings that are not of my own OC's. Featuring flying noodles and pokemon artwork
  12. Log


    From the album: Miscellaneous artwork

    Did you know all three of them are the same height as Xatu?
  13. Here is one of my favorites~ I wanted to draw a floofy dragon and this was the result!
  14. Log

    Meteor Shower

    From the album: OC's

  15. Log


    From the album: OC's

  16. I love them all! All wings are the best wings~
  17. Hi there! I'm a little awkward with thing like introductions, but I thought I should get out of my comfort zone sometimes sooooo..... I'm Log: or Logoo! I'm a hobbyist/part-time artist who's main sona is a gray cat-bird hybrid. My second main is NIL, a fox -like OC with lost of wings (did you know i like wings?). For most of my time in the community, I was more of a lurker, but around last year I decided to be a bit more active and try to talk with others! In my off time I enjoy playing video games, playing music, and cooking. I hope to be active and it's nice to meet you!
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