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  1. Shetani

    Anthrocon 2019

    www.anthrocon.org Anthrocon is the world's second largest furry convention, taking place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania each June or July. Its focus is on furries: fictional anthropomorphic animal characters in art and literature. The convention was first held in 1997 in New York State, and draws over 7,000 attendees annually.
  2. Shetani

    Fursuit Photos

    Photos of my fursuit, made by MagpieBones. If photos are uncredited, the photographer/editor is myself. Copyright is retained by the respective photographers and myself. You do not have permission to upload, repost, or redistribute any of these images.
  3. From the album: Fursuit Photos

    Set a cup of tea on that table next to me and I'll be all set for the next few hours. I'm so glad the Boston Park Plaza had this little library nook in the lobby; it made for a really cool photoshoot set. More pictures from this shoot Shetani is acinonyxjubatusrex acinonyxjubatusrex Photo by sunstab sunstab Fursuit by magpiebones magpiebones
  4. From the album: Fursuit Photos

    I'm all dressed up and ready to go! This is my favorite photo of the whole set, as it shows off the entire ensemble nicely. Gotta love that fancy ballroom! More pictures from this shoot Shetani is @Shetani Photo by Sunstab Fursuit by MagpieBones
  5. Shetani


    Art I commissioned of my fursona! Copyright is retained by the respective artists and myself. You do not have permission to upload, repost, or redistribute any of these images.
  6. Shetani

    sur la plage

    From the album: Commissions

    Summery commission I got from Scintelle! It's been a few years since I've gone, but I do love the beach. Shetani is @Shetani Art by Scintelle
  7. From the album: Commissions

    Everyone knows My Chemical Romance is my favorite band, and I was fortunate enough to see them live a few times before they broke up. This piece is quite meaningful to me, as it represents the best MCR show I've ever attended. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. ❤ Shetani is @Shetani Art by AnnieHyena
  8. Shetani

    Changing Yet Constant

    From the album: Commissions

    If you look through my gallery, you'll notice that I tend to get art of my and my partner's fursonas to commemorate special occasions. "I love you more than you could possibly comprehend and I am so thankful you are part of my life" is as much of an occasion as any. Shetani is @Shetani Mika is larchus Art by Rowan00
  9. Shetani


    From the album: Commissions

    It's Mika and me at a pride festival! We're really good friends. Shetani is @Shetani Mika is larchus Art by Malreau
  10. Shetani


    Art made for me which I didn't commission! Copyright is retained by the respective artists and myself. You do not have permission to upload, repost, or redistribute any of these images.
  11. From the album: Gifts/Prizes/Freebies/etc.

    I'm a poster gal! Here I am in the cheetah's natural habitat, the savannah! Fun fact: the flowers I'm holding are all South African indigenous plants :3 This artwork was made in 2016 and sold as a limited edition print to celebrate International Cheetah Day. All proceeds were donated to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Shetani is @Shetani Art by RamTheDragon
  12. From the album: Gifts/Prizes/Freebies/etc.

    Shetani's baking up some sweet treats! Shall we stick with a recipe tried and true, or take a chance on something new? I was absolutely blown away by this fantastic artwork by Kila Tiger. She captured Shetani's likeness absolutely perfectly, which is something artists rarely manage, even with paid commissions. I highly suggest you go check out her work! Shetani is @Shetani Art by AlwaysRedArt
  13. Shetani


    From the album: Gifts/Prizes/Freebies/etc.

    To date, this is my favorite art piece of Shetani I've received throughout my time in the fandom. The serenity of the lighting and facial expression, the unparalleled realism, the rich attention to detail, and the motif of honeysuckle flowers - all come together to create an exceptional piece that hold great significance to me and which I'll be proud to show off for many years to come. KittyKathy is an outstanding artist who deserves much more attention, and I highly suggest you take a look at her work and consider following her. A bit of background - the honeysuckle is my favorite flower, and I've endeavored to adopt it as my/Shetani's signature. I use honeysuckle perfume on special occasions and even found a honeysuckle-scented fursuit spray to use with my fursuit! Honeysuckle flowers are associated with some of my most treasured memories growing up, so they have a lot of personal meaning to me. Throughout history and in various cultures, the honeysuckle's flowers and vines have been used to signify: devoted affection in the form of a lover’s embrace protection from evil, and inducing dreams of love and passion the joy of living, verbalization, expression following one's path and attracting sweetness in life quelling homesickness and feelings of nostalgia happiness Shetani is @Shetani Art by KittyKathy
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