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  1. Sarie

    PATREON PIN CLUB! Icon commissions, stickers, and more!

    Patreon commissions that were done yesterday! Interested in signing up? I offer all sorts of goodies for all sorts of tiers, ranging from a sticker only tier, a USA pin club tier, and for the best value, the $25 tier! The $25 tier gets you... - A monthly digital icon - A sticker AND an...
  2. Sarie

    Patreon Sticker Club AND Commissions

    Hey y'all! I run a sticker club on my Patreon for $5 a month, with commission tiers starting at $25. It's a great deal if you're wanting to grab some art from me, plus get some fun merch! October's sticker will be a dragon beetle! Plus, if you sub this month, you'll get September's sticker...
  3. Sarie

    Video Game Music!

    What games do you think have the best music? What's your favorite track? Anything get you EMOTIONAL!? I LOVE the Final Fantasy XII ost. It's absolutely gorgeous! I listen to it a lot in my spare time..... But, idk. Pokemon tracks just hit me hard. Especially the introductory themes, and with...
  4. Sarie

    Heather Snow Leopard Adopt For Sale - $30

    Hey y'all! I'm selling off this cute little snep for $30. Comment to purchase! I'm having some bills come in that need dealing with and I'd love the help. The person who buys will receive the full large file with transparency. You are allowed to do whatever you'd like with the design afterward!
  5. Sarie

    Patreon Commissions

    Looking to support an artist and get monthly art, on top of physical rewards and early access to artwork? I run a sticker club on my Patreon for as low as $5 per month, with the design changing every month! These stickers are shipped straight to your doorstep! However, at higher tiers ($25 and...
  6. Sarie

    Animal Fun Facts

    Try weirding me out with wacky facts Did you know that cheetahs are all closely genetically related? They’re all practically cousins! This is due to a genetic bottleneck event that happened long ago Also, sharks will die if they don’t constantly swim, as they are unable to mechanically push...
  7. Sarie

    Who are your favorite artists?

    Gimme some artist plugs My personal favorite artists are.... ====================================================== Nyaruh She's a friend of mine who does FANTASTIC art. Not even just furry stuff. I'm waiting for a full party commission from her and I'm so genuinely excited for it. Here's a...
  8. Sarie

    Show us your favorite art that you made!

    Hey y'all! I'd love to meet some more artists, big, small, skilled or new. So, show off your personal favorite work that you've done here! Here is mine. This work is from July! I actually made this for an Art Fight banner, but I love it so much....: