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  1. The Eyes Have It

    The Eyes Have It

    The unofficial second place winner of the Further Confusion Goes to Hollywoof Flash Fiction Contest! -- The embrace of two weasels, locked comfortably within each other’s arms as their lower bodies swayed joyfully under the cabana’s roof. A sharply dressed kangaroo and the equally refined joey...
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    The Justice in Policing Act of 2020

    There's such a propaganda war based in fear on "defund the police" that even Democrats are trying to distance themselves from. This bill is solid as a first step, but it's going to take local success stories before we can make waves at a federal level to cut through the fearmongering narratives...
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    What game or show was your furry awakening?

    I remember when I was a tween, I found myself really in love with the anthro character designs in Lilo and Stitch and Treasure Planet. It led me towards a path that made me love aliens, especially the anthro ones. Things like Mass Effect kept driving me down that rabbit hole, but what ultimately...
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    Comment by 'Ezen Baklattan' in media '1598574463929.png'

    A "smashing" choice.
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    Comment by 'Ezen Baklattan' in media '1598574463929.png'

    I wonder what he's listening to.
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    Luck be a lizard tonight!

    Thanks! I've tried it with a dog friend and it also looks really good!
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    Ladies, gentlemen, and all who reject the gender binary, I introduce you to...Garrus.
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    Luck be a lizard tonight!

    After being a furry in denial for potentially since my college years, this 24 year old reptilian hybrid is ready to rock it! Ezen Baklattan, at your service! Images aren't working but here's some info! -- Twitter: https://twitter.com/EzenBaklattan Ref Sheet: https://imgur.com/a/X2G7jWX --...
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    [Forum Game] For a Million Dollars ?

    Frankly nobody in my family is too annoying so sure. For a million dollars, would you have a fursuit but be forced to wear it 24/7 for an entire year? Each week, you get one hour where you can take the suit off and wash it.
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    Forum Game: Name a movie with the last letter

    La La Land! Letter: K
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    Data analyst - I do a LOT in Python and SQL -> I just made a program at work today that looks at conversion paths for advertisements seen before a user makes a purchase. I feel like I work for the man sometimes.  ?
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    A Wedding at Kaiju Abbey

    Stray far enough from the lands of desolate cities, traumatized masses, and hopeless abandon, and you reach a garden. Flowers tall as skyscrapers designed by Gaia, coated with every color in the rainbow, lined every inch. Continue your navigation, and you reach a large mansion, one that perhaps...