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  1. Olly Reference

    Olly Reference

    He got a new design!
  2. gummywyrm


    Obligatory introduction thread. No need to say anything here, but feel free to. I'll start: My name is Oleander (or Olly) and I'm a trans guy.
  3. Trans Furs

    Trans Furs

    A group for any transgender or questioning furries.
  4. Stalks


    My drawing teacher: you're borrowing these pencils for school projects Me: *uses them for doodles like a boss*
  5. gummywyrm

    I don't know what's happening and at this point I don't know where to start trying to piece it...

    I don't know what's happening and at this point I don't know where to start trying to piece it together in the forums >_<
  6. gummywyrm

    Club request.

    I'm pretty sure my club was the first punk club, if you're interested:
  7. gummywyrm

    free fursona art (requests and trades once again open!)

    I'd love it if you drew my fursona!
  8. gummywyrm

    Theorizing About Fursonas

    This is interesting! I've never thought about fursonas like this before, but you're not wrong. For example, Olly is my fursona, and he'd probably be between a truesona and an ideal self. He's basically me but a few years older so he can have piercings and top surgery. I have two characters...
  9. gummywyrm

    GW's Boutique D'Art

    Welcome to my art sales thread! Thanks for checking it out.   Here's a few important things before I get to my prices:   I can only accept payment in USD through PayPal.   You must be okay with me using your commission as an example of my work. I will not claim that your character is mine...
  10. gummywyrm

    Need to keep improving the SFW/NSFW filter

    I think something like the filtering system on Toyhouse would be good. There are separate filters for nudity, mild sexual content, and extreme sexual content. There are also filters for gore and sensitive content. All sexual content is automatically hidden from minors but other than that, the...
  11. Personal