• It has been a long time coming, but after a final test, Discord Integration has been made available again. To access the integration, and to re-integrate your account with FLO, you can visit Preferences and click into Connected accounts, or use this link.
  • We noticed that there's been an influx of users registering with emails that are not recommended for use for this website such as school emails, emails that are associated with domains for managed groups, etc. Read more here.

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  1. Venthas

    Comment by 'Venthas' in media 'the finest of noodles.png'

    I love this!!!
  2. That Smirk

    That Smirk

    What're you lookin at?
  3. The New Ref

    The New Ref

    A new Venthas reference. By Pejeverdo of FA.
  4. Venthas

    Discord link ?

    Found the error. Bot wasn't high enough in the Roles ladder to add the proper roles. It should be fixed now.
  5. Venthas

    Discord link ?

    I noticed it today as well. Looking into it.
  6. Venthas

    Discord link ?

    It links your account to our discord, giving you the permissions there that you have here (For instance, access into NSFW channels). The advantages of activating it are: -Invite into the Discord (Obviously if you're in the discord already through the old integration, this isn't necessary)...
  7. Venthas

    Discord link ?

    After doing some research, the bot needs the permissions to determine whether or not you're already in the FLO server. Then, if it determines that you aren't, it'll automatically add you and give you the roles you have here on the website.
  8. Venthas

    How to unwatch/ignore profile posts?

    It will, yes. You can also disable: "Comments on your profile posts for other members." alerts from your preferences.
  9. Venthas

    Discord link ?

    It shouldn't be. It's just a regular discord application made using Discord's own developer portal (https://discord.com/developers/applications). It has no permissions outside of the necessary admin permissions on our own discord channel. I'll look into it.
  10. Venthas

    Comment by 'Venthas' in media '[COMMISSION] PSYKHE'

    Ok, that's adorable.
  11. Venthas

    "And I oop..."

    "And I oop..."
  12. Venthas


  13. Venthas

    Discord link ?

    It automatically updates your user roles on discord. Further, integration offers push notifications through discord via a bot for those who would like push notifications without using our PWA.
  14. Venthas

    Discord link ?

    FLO does offer 2 factor authentication in your settings. Generally, it is advised that you use different credentials on different sites to prevent something like this. Because of how our integration with discord works, to join the FLO server, we will require that integration, as it will...
  15. Venthas

    Discord link ?

    Once your account is linked and integrated, the linked discord account is automatically added to the server. I'll see about a widget at some point next weekend.
  16. Venthas

    All my stuff got deleted?

    Heya, the topic below has more information about that. Thread 'Regarding the Site Update' https://furrylife.online/threads/regarding-the-site-update.3735/
  17. Venthas

    Can't Enable NSFW?

    Make sure your birthdate is set, then it should be available in your account preferences.
  18. Venthas

    Suggestion Drag/drop upload

    You should be able to drag and drop directly onto where it says Upload File. If not I'll have to look into a fix.
  19. Venthas

    Suggestion Drag/drop upload

    The upload page does support drag and drop uploading. I believe PostyBirb also works with FLO, if that helps.
  20. Venthas

    Suggestion enabling NSFW access

    As well, if you haven't set a birthdate.