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    FLO, what is a very petty thing you have a very strong opinion on?

    When people use the word "autistic" as an insult or meme. Like, come on. Don't. That's not funny. 
  2. cute witch mangle icon

    cute witch mangle icon

    Made on Clip Studio Paint EX. Free to use.
  3. B

    What game are you currently playing?

    Recently it's been Animal Crossing New Horizons and Among Us.
  4. B

    Productivity in quarantine?

    Honestly? Yeah, productivity has completely slipped away from me since lockdown happened. I don't have much of a drive anymore. It just feels like nothing.
  5. Care To Volunteer?

    Care To Volunteer?

    So uh, I might be a bit obsessed with Magician Mangle now. I was considering adding a bit of colour to this, but with the cross-hatching, it didn't feel right, so I left it in monochrome.
  6. B

    Thread for artists who need to rant

    Y'know what's cool? Finishing a piece that you're really proud of (or just really like idk), ya post it online... and it kinda just gets skimmed over.  Like, yeah, some people liked it, but for the most part it's ignored? Then you look at the piece again and think "Wow, this is gar-bahj." and...
  7. mangle the magician

    mangle the magician

    So Mangle got a new skin on FNAF AR? About bloody time.
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    MS Paint Art Thread

    Hi - do you create your art in MS Paint?  Drop it off here!  You can drop in art you made recently, or a long time ago. I'll drop off some of my own Paint art to get things started...
  9. B

    Do your IRL friends/ family know you draw furry art?

    Yeah, my fam knows I draw silly furry stuff. They don't know how deep in the rabbit hole I am though.
  10. B

    Highest you can count...

    [Rattles 18 times]
  11. Old Fashioned

    Old Fashioned

    Done in the Sepia palette for the Art Adventure forum game "Palette Game [Reborn Yet Again]".
  12. Remember Me?

    Remember Me?

    I hadn't drawn a Banette in ages.
  13. Your New Outfit Is Divinely HIDEOUS

    Your New Outfit Is Divinely HIDEOUS

    Made on Drawception with the palette "Astral Domination" by Pandark.
  14. B

    New drawing tablet! Let's gooooooooo!

    New drawing tablet! Let's gooooooooo!
  15. Spellbound


    A panel from a "Derailed" Drawception friendgame that is yet to finish.
  16. Wisp 2

    Wisp 2

    Drawception illustration.
  17. Pokemon: GHOST

    Pokemon: GHOST

    Ha haaa, my favourite Pokemon type.