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  1. raymond


  2. Raymond Drone

    Raymond Drone

    We have a last Month like Luxray! I decided to draw Raymond as a Drone!. Animal Crossing © Nintendo
  3. Macro Apollo

    Macro Apollo

  4. oh hi there

    oh hi there

  5. Reneigh


    Ray recently gave me Reneigh in Animal Crossing and I felt the urge to draw her!!
  6. Sweet tooth

    Sweet tooth

    My ACNH OC, designed by https://twitter.com/MADSHYARTS May 2020
  7. ACNH Starters

    ACNH Starters

    I did this picture around the time I got the game in early April, and had these lovelies as the first Villagers to live on the island of Need'a Nap. Goose and Reneigh were the two that moved to the island with me at the beginning of the game. While Audie, Skye, and Spork were the first 3 to get...
  8. You Shine Like The Sun

    You Shine Like The Sun

    Just so my profile isn't completely empty here is the last thing I doodled when I was big on Animal Crossing. On my island Raymond and Audie seem to have a cute friendship going on and I wanted to make a sketch about it.
  9. Screenshot 2020-09-22 151749.png

    Screenshot 2020-09-22 151749.png

  10. Screenshot 2020-10-09 214804.png

    Screenshot 2020-10-09 214804.png

  11. Sneaky Sunrise

    Sneaky Sunrise

    Flick is an insect enthusiast from the Nintendo Game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He visits your island in search of bugs, so here he is catching some in the early morning. The early bird gets the worm after all!
  12. boo -- personal

    boo -- personal

    yeah welcome to the fact i haven't been able to do much at all and finally having a character so simple that i legit can color them in 15 minutes. i've got wips over on twitter, ya'll should go check it out mang I got all sorts of amazing stuff and emotional breakdowns there. anyway this is boo,
  13. i'm gay for the cake rhino

    i'm gay for the cake rhino

  14. Takoyaki Dreams

    Takoyaki Dreams

    It's fanart time! Zucker is the best AC villager hands down, and I wanted to pay him some tribute! This one took a while to do, what with all the projects starting and stopping and health and whatnot, but feels good to do a piece that pushes my skills a bit! My storenvy is up, check here for all yo
  15. ACNH Flick

    ACNH Flick

    It's been so long since ACNH came out and I'm still a simp for this man ;-;
  16. Judy.png


  17. marshal.png


  18. lucky.png


  19. Kyle.png


  20. kitt.png