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  1. PlushGvtz

    Can't Hold My Licker

    From the album: Art for Others

    Commission for Zanyshi Im love him he just goin baby mode all around here Im really proud of this little man!!! Derps are supposed to be quick but this took me 3 hours oooop anyway enjoy! <3 Character belongs to Zanyshi on DA! Art by me! Please do not use or reference in anyway! Thank you! Posted using PostyBirb
  2. Meet Alakai, a Sergal and dragon mix! He's a really cute and fluffy beast. I studied sergal's anatomy for it and carefully worked on anthro's body. It was one of the hardest refs I have ever done, but very satisfying in the end. Do not copy or use, the character has its owner! Commissions are open! (and I do many other things, not only ref sheets)
  3. PlushGvtz

    A Bitter Boy

    From the album: Adopts and Designs

    Yikes Lost a contest lol oops i would keep him but eh i dont wanna hoard this baby He is a rabbit goat creature Offer: Money Characters Art Not looking for too much else. Feel free to ask about something not listed Worked real hard on this boi rip Art and Design by me Please do not use or reference in anyway~ Thank you! Posted using PostyBirb
  4. Persona


    From the album: Designs

    I absolutely love green and pink so I thought I'd use them in a design lol!! Been trying to work on my style too and I'm really happy with where it's at rn c: Edit 5/12/20: Sold to NineSigns on th!!
  5. Another digital ref sheet, showing the char based on Pokemon (Zeraora) but with some changes :) Do not copy or use! The character has its owner! Commissions are open
  6. Just a fullbody character picture to show the look! Commissions are open :)
  7. From the album: Feirfull’s Art

    Just a doodle of one of my ocs AAAAA. I love him so much eep


  8. Two: Catching Up (My life seemed to have no meaning. We were poor. We couldn’t get enough food. I was lucky to be in a school that could teach girls, but that was where most of our money went. My mother told me, “Why do you keep getting in fights at school?” Normally, I would have aches and bruises at the end of the day, but that day, I had a small cut on the side of my muzzle, to which my mother tended. (I answered bluntly, “I had to, Mum. It was the only way to make William stop telling ‘is friends lies about me.” (“What kinds of lies?” My mother asked after wiping where she applied antibiotic. (I told her, “He told the boys today that I live in a whorehouse and about you being a drunkard.” (My mother inquired, “Is this the same boy who ‘lied’ that you carried some fatal disease last week?” (I answered, “Aye.” That was all. (My mother objected, “Be that as it may, y-need t-stop fighting the other children. We can’t afford attracting the wrong attention.” That was one of the many things that I heard from my mother repeatedly. She was always worried about something happening when I came home from school at the end of the day. And that was only one of few arguments that my step-father didn’t interject in. (When my step-father returned home for the evening, we had dinner. He was tired when coming home. He always smelled like fire and charcoal when entering our small flat. We had so little space. We were lucky as well to have a kitchen and a living room. Beds were a luxury to us as well. My mother and step-father shared a bed on one far side of the living room, and I would sleep in the other. In the centre was a ragged couch and wooden table where we ate our dinner. (That dinner, for which we had vegetable soup made with weak broth and stale bread, my step-father pressed questions like he always would, trying to make conversation, but I chose not to answer any of them. We were never communicative, him and me. As much as he’d press questions, I would either ignore him or mumble something without repeating myself. (I had always known that Clement was not my real father, because I was told so when I was learning to talk. From the start, we were never close because of that. I had a problem with loving Clement, having made up a logic that a step-father could not love as much a real father could.) ----- That cesspit is not to be the last one I enter. I have been in others, but the poverty-stricken borough that is Grauk is worse than the others I’ve seen. I know the city of Highcond like the back of my paw. I take a ride on a train from a fairly distant neighbouring borough Solmil, where I stayed for a night, to my next destination. As I await that, I take the time to read the letters that I have lifted. All of them have been sent to the owner of the brothel. The subjects of those messages are about opportunities of who they could take as their newest whores and about money. The owner and guards earned their fair share while the one in higher has been given a good cut of profits from over at least the past year. Upon the sight of a sign on the track, I fold and tuck the letters in the inner breast pocket of my pinstripe jacket, and place my paws on my lap. I wear a brown pinstripe suit over a white shirt. I brace myself as the train slows and then screeches to its halt. I stand up, and the doe that’s been in the seat next to me, asks, “Can I help you with your bag?” I answer plainly, “No thanks. I can manage.” I wear a patch over my right eye, but I can time everything with my good hearing. I pick up my case from the space above, and go in with the crowd in exiting the train carriage. It is minutes away from being precisely midday, which gives me time to run errands. I especially can afford lunch with the money that I’ve taken from those not deserving. The borough of Knightsedge is every poor being’s dream, but only supposedly a safe haven from the dwellers of the criminal underworld. Even this place is not safe either from the serious pollution of both the air and the water. In fact, I know no better place to have lunch than in all of Knightsedge. I walk all the way from the station, taking in the supposedly bright and cheerful atmosphere that was offered in the foggy city on this Spring day. However, I am in a good mood myself, for I got what I wanted on my birthday. I am twenty-seven years old. I pass the impressive constructs of bricks and metal, treading the sidewalk. Every building is red, beige, and grey with the cement, bricks, and metal, but the streets are anything but drab to me. The first place I stop since exiting the train station, is an inn. A plain inn, but shows class in the paintings and vases to occupy the walls and the wooden counters. I tell the receptionist, “I want a room. Any open?” Taking that for rudeness, this receptionist, a white and black spotted rabbit, answers, “We do. Worry not.” He then asks back, “Any preferences?” “Only the amount of space for one.” Without speaking, the rabbit turns back, and takes a key from the shelf, to hand to me, and informs me, “The wider rooms are on the upper floor. You’ll like that one.” He points to the disc to which the key is linked, showing the number fourteen. I thank him and head up the stairs, to the door numbered fourteen, and the key fits the lock on the door. I open and cross the threshold, to see the bed right next to it, decorated with frilly sheets and pillows, the frame metal and having an abstract carving of the same metal for a headboard. The walls are covered by leaf-pattern wallpaper. There is a good amount of space to walk around, and a wooden table with good a good amount space for both eating and studying. I set my suitcase on the bed, and the first thing to see is my navy-blue jacket, the matching pants, and my tan vest. I plan to keep those in my suitcase. The other shirts and suits that I might need if there’s to be a problem, I hang in the closet behind a hinged sliding door. I then have a short look in the loo, and it has a polished porcelain toilet, a polished sink and counter, and a porcelain tub just as polished as if it’s new. Content with such, I lay one of the oil lanterns in the centre of the table. I have no intention to rest at the moment. ----- I give myself a further tour of the borough, spotting shops as well as pubs that I don’t remember seeing. I don’t bother to ask for or lift a carriage as I head a little further east. I spot a patch of green where other socialise as well as crowds around some street performance. The butcher shop that I enter is one of my usual places to vacate. The butcher that I approach is the same old lynx in a work shirt and work pants, with a white apron that looks fresh. As if he’s thrilled to see the one-eyed black she-wolf again for the first time in a month, he asks, “Here fer yer usual, Ma’am?” My usual is the chicken breast. I answer, “Nay, I’ll change it up a bit. I would like a buffalo chop.” “Daring, eh?” the butcher comments. He charges me a fair twelve pounds for it, and I hope it’s worth the price. The animal could have still bleated a few minutes earlier. That’s when I head to the pub that I call my favourite: Queen o’ Clubs, the sign of which seems to be an intricate painting on a canvas. I just have to smile at that, the owner being sort of an egotist. Upon entering the dark wooden chamber that is the atmosphere, I see the faces familiar of me as they are of the criminal underworld: the mercenary the Demon, a black rabbit, tall for her species, who likes to wear a red suit with a cravat, and I know wields a scythe; the smugglers the cats, the orange tabby calling herself Ruby, the earthly-hued tabby with green eyes calling herself Jade, and the white cat with blue eyes calling herself Sapphire; and drug cartel members, a husky, a terrier, and a silver fox. Those are just few of the many criminals that I have read about and might have hurt in their businesses. I approach the bar, taking a seat. As if anticipating it, the bar lady, a grey striped hyaena, meets me where I sit. She speaks, “Good to see you, Lady Wolf.” I haven’t told her my name in all the time of being a usual patron. I reply, “Good t-see yeh, too, Faraji. Holding up well, I see.” “Thanks to this place”, she responded jovially. “I assume you were on business.” “Always.” “So what meat have you that you would like cooked?” I reveal the slab of meat, answering, “Buffalo chop this time. Does the cook know how to make a dish with it?” “She can sear any-ting. She can spice it, and likes to add mushrooms, carrots, and rice.” I tell the hyaena, “I’d like that. And to drink, the Kabal Kane Ale.” Faraji answers contently, “As you wish, Ma’am.” She takes the slab of meat to the kitchen, to relay the order. Today, I dine as the aristos. Around twenty minutes later, I am served the platter of the meat, rice, carrot slices, and diced mushrooms. Normally, I would turn down a meat made with a spice, but it does have a nice taste. I don’t even realise how hungry I am until I indulge on the dish. With the plate then left with orts and the metal mug then empty, my hunger is sated for the time being. I look around for a moment, before I approach the side of the bar. The hyaena answers to my raised hand, where I pay her, and I tell the red fox in front of me, “Tell MacNiadh, Lady Death is here. Now.” The red fox chuckles, “No need for aggression. He would be delighted t-see yeh.” I am still stern, but I know that he’s right. I follow the red fox in a white work shirt and brown work pants with suspenders along a narrow hall, and I have a stiletto with me just in case. At the door, the fox says, “After you.” I expect a trick from him. I object, “No. After you.” I press the end of my stiletto against his side and add, “I insist.” The red fox knocks quickly before opening. Just when I am greeted by the light through the side window, a familiar Glashish-accented voice speaks, “Bones, I thought yeh had”- he stops at that when he sees my face. At the desk of the neat and sophisticated office sits an arctic fox, my dear friend Seàn MacNiadh (prefers to be called Jack), who has two features to distinguish him from the rest of the arctic foxes: a patch over where his left eye should be, the two straps of it around his left ear; and a thick crown dyed bright green. With him is a brown tabby cat in a business dress, her neck and feet concealed. Jack stands up from his chair, smiling gleefully and speaking, “As I live an’ breathe! Best o’ the day t-yeh, Lass!” Though I do not show such, I am glad to see him as well. I tell him, “I may have caught you at a bad time, Jack, but this is one of our unscheduled meetings.” Jack tells the cat, “Hope yeh don’t mind, but friends catching up.” The cat replies, “No worries. You did give me whot I wos sent for.” Jack then tells the red fox, “Bones, stack for ‘er.” I pressed my stiletto against the red fox again—but what he pulled out was indeed a stack, of notes. So, I sheathed the stiletto. As if he’s aware of something, Jack adds, “And make sure she gives dear Faraji a good tip.” The red fox then states, “Nice t-meet yeh, she-wolf”, before he walks out. The wall behind Jack and one side wall were each occupied by a wide bookcase, the shelves filled with hardcover books. Above and to the side of the bookcase behind Jack, a blue and orange banner is hung and above the mantle a musket idles on hooks. There is a green mat taking up most of the counter of his desk. To my right, there is a window. Jack wears a white business shirt, black business pants, a black vest, and a narrow green tie. His white pelt voluminous, I can never tell whether he’s slim or chubby. His one eye is a nice sky blue. He and I are best friends. With the privacy given to us, I smile at him as he approaches me eagerly, and we give each other a big hug. “Keepin’ the good faith?” Jack asks. I answer, “Quite well.” As if it’s perfectly timed, we hear tapping against the glass of the window once we stop hugging. I take the liberty of heading to it, to open it. The raven flies off as the window opens outward, but he comes back, entering the opening and landing on the desk, but gives his wings another flap. As I have promised the raven, I pull out a roll from my handbag. I rip the roll in half before setting it down on the desk. He then proceeds to peck repeatedly at the piece of bread. Jack asks curiously, “When did he last ‘ave meat?” I answer matter-of-factly, “I saw rim eat meat two nights ago. Freshly-killed weasel.” “What was he killed for?” Jack inquires. So nosy of him. “Just for being in the way”, I respond. Jack comments, “By that logic, I should use a carriage to run over everyone in the way.” He changes the subject, saying, “You can take that eyepatch off since I know yeh’ve both eyes.” Jack is one of few to know that secret. “If it’s all the same, I’m leaving it on.” My turn to give a question. I asked, “How well d-you know the trafficking cartels?” Getting a small measure of tobacco in his pipe, Jack comments, “Right to it, I see.” He then gets a flint, to strike. “I know mostly me rivals in dealing weapons, fer buyin’ from the same manufacturers I do. I’ve seen me contacts having taken beat-ns fer me bein’ their patron.” He continues through his teeth, still trying to light his tobacco, “But they don’ be intimidated.” In succeeding in lighting his tobacco, he lowers his flint and heads to the open window, hoping to not disturb my other friend with the smell. After taking a long puff to blow out, he states seriously, “I know why you be here, Death.” “Indeed”, I respond. “This is the reason, Jack.” Upon the pause, Jack turns around, seeing the stack of papers. I set them on the desk, continuing, “I picked these up from Grauk. A brothel called Mudbath. It’s charred rubble now.” Jack turns to the window, to blow another puff of smoke, before reproaching the desk, seething, “You mean ta tell me: yeh burnt down that death sentence of a whorehouse in one of the worst cesspools of Highcond?” He paused a beat before continuing, “Me contacts from Tolden, Lonecore, and Agnarge told me of the borough’s town criers ‘avin’ a field day yesterday over a brothel destroyed. They didn’t leave out the fact that many males ran home naked. Now I know why.” He jests, “I wouldn’t be surprised if a crier happened t-know if at least one got arrested for indecency.” Watching the raven still working at the roll, which is in pieces, I state, “Then you know why I brought these letters to you.” Jack responds, “It will still take a while. I don’t know slave traffickers as well as I know arms or drug dealers.” I comment, “You might still. They had a stash of opium, which I used to start that fire, along with those spiced pears. I sold what opium the bartender offered to give away.” “Oh, how effective were the spiced pears?” Jack asks curiously. “Instantaneous fire. Good distractions as well. Whilst on that subject, anyone else in range that sells pears?” He knows what I mean. “Yeh kin always find me casual dealers lurkin’ the docks of here, Tolden, and Subroot. But since it be pears to interest yeh, go visit the Bartlett Marketplace in Manusdale.” “I’ll bear that in mind.” I changed the subject back. “However long you take with the names mentioned in those letters, I will come back. I’ve other business as well. You give me the information to give me a connection, I’ll do a favour for you.” Jack bares his teeth as a grin, answering, “It’ll be done, Lass. Sure yeh don’ wanna stay fer a drink?” “A pint of ale’s enough fer one day t-me”, I tell him politely. Jack nods and responds, “Suit yerself. I assume yeh need the telephone before yeh go.” “Of course. Thank you.” I head to the opposite end, to a small stand where Jack’s telephone is. I can only guess where he got that. I turn the wheel on it, listening to the droning of the dial, having already picked up the earpiece. A lot of beeping follows from the completion of the number, and I hear a deep voice speak, “Ahoy.” I state, “This is the she-wolf loyal to the High Priestess.” “I need a name”, he responds irritably. “I am the wolf with the violet eye.” There is a pause before I hear the deep voice speak, “So, you choose now to use this form of communication. What business have you?” “Just inform security and the High Priestess that the wolf with the violet eye will be there tomorrow evening.” It is still a long way away. “As you wish, Lass.” “Farewell fer now.” The receiver bids the same and we hang up. Turning back around and reproaching Jack’s desk, and seeing him in his chair, pipe in hand, glass of whiskey in front of him, I tell him, “I appreciate these small talks of ours, Jack, but I must tend ta that other business.” Jack comments, “Who doesn’t?” I sweep the crumbs around the crow off the counter and in my paw, and then point to the window in front of him. I look to Jack again, saying, “You’ve my word I’ll come back shortly.” The arctic fox raises his glass, grinning, and answers, “Til then.” He gulps on his whiskey and just rasps the second I’m at the door of his office. ----- I spend a night at the inn where I have a room. The dinner that I eat is as good as the lunch that I’ve eaten at Jack’s pub. My dinner is a steak with the sides of turnips and potatoes, which moisten in the juice of the meat. For my plan of my other visit, I count up what remains of my take of the sold goods and stolen deposit, so I can divide the money rounded to the nearest decimal. What I choose to keep for myself, after paying the inn’s bill, I’m to have no more than forty pounds, as this is a luxurious place. I inform the receptionist that I would be gone all day. As long I have the key to the room, I’m to still get charged for the nights even when I’m not sleeping in that bed. I still wear my eyepatch along with my grey pinstripe suit, the buttons fastened, and I keep only my pouches and leather handbag when taking the train right after having breakfast. Chances are that my raven friend makes it to my destination before the train does, not just with the regular stops at the stations to follow. (Against my mother and step-father’s wishes, I did take a detour getting home from school. It wasn’t my first time taking a detour; nor was it the first time doing this particular. I stole. We have no choice, given this oppression by the aristos taking advantage of our weaknesses and what we don’t know. Even in a poor area, we still had the occasional privileged ones, and those were like my meat. I picked a pocket of one who was a gentleman compared to the rest of us. In running from him, I emptied his pouch of coins and dropped the pouch, filling my pockets with the coins. Even with the heavy jingling, I managed to outrun him, probably for that I’m a wolf and he was one of those esteemed cats. I didn’t underestimate his speed, and found a hiding spot when I got tired. (After the ordeal, I returned to my horrible house, where my mother already awaited me. She asked, “What took you so long?” I didn’t answer. Coming off as overprotective to me, she added, “What did I tell about taking detours?” She hated when I came home late. Just ten minutes after I was supposed to be back from school at the end of the day was late to her. I looked away from my mother, hating that question. (I mumbled something before my mother told me to speak up. I asked back, “What if I was in a fight, and I had no choice?” (She said plainly, “Running from them is the best way to end them, if your opponent is bigger and stronger than you. Only cowards pick the small and frail.” (Looking to my mother again, I retorted, “Then let me fight! Make me better at it than I already am!” (My mother spoke, “You’re not meant to fight. We must be better than the rest.” (“How? We haven’t as much money as others.” Even a pup knows that there are problems with this city. Called Highcond. The “high” in it is the towers. (My mother asked, “You stole again, didn’t you?” (I barked, “I have to, Mum! It’s a matter of them or us!” (My mother objected, “I keep telling you, don’t. You can’t afford the unwanted attention.” (“What unwanted attention? You keep telling me that, but you don’t elaborate.” That was when my mother looked down in shame. I didn’t know what made her so ashamed then. I then asked, “If I am not ready now, when am I ready?” (That was when Clement entered, saying plainly, “I’m back.” Noting our expressions, he asked, “What’s wrong?” (My mother answered, “My daughter stole again.” (Clement scoffed before speaking, “I’m with yer Mum on this. Yeh just ‘ave ta trust ‘er.” (I told him, without looking at him, “You’ve no say.” (My mother objected, “But I do? Please, for the sake of all of us, stop stealing from one who might have a load of money.” I emptied my pocket of the coins, placing them on the kitchen table, before storming to the back of the house. They knew that I picked pockets for them, but still they wanted me to not do it. I didn’t pick another pocket for a few weeks, but I still found the opportunity to do so.) I spend that ride on the train looking back to that time I had with my family before finding this place, far south of Highcond. This is where I gained friends, albeit reluctant ones at that. This is where I have learnt to read and write, as well as various arts and some interesting history. To me, the institution that’s my destination, is home. I spend many hours heading far out of town, and the one time I’m off is when I find a tavern for dinner. I miss the one that I’ve been on, but I do find another that I can board later, though in a different heading. The sun is setting by the time I head to the institution, but I still expect greetings. The city that I have come to, Ventine, is where I grew up, and only partially beyond the estate of the institution. Where I have a stranger drive me with a carriage is at its primary gates. In front of the unpainted iron fence, I find a serval, who’s apparently tired as it’s the end of the day. The second I see him approach me, I remove and pocket my eyepatch, revealing my irregular and distinguishing feature. He says plainly, “You’re late for your appointment. I hear the guards were eager fer your arrival.” I remark, “Let’s not keep them waiting further.” To answer that, the serval presses on the lever, to unlatch the gate, and I push it. The fence has an opening until I push it again, and then the serval releases the lever, latching the gate. The bars are narrowly spaced, so that the only living things to enter are the vermin. The field that I tread upon entering is desert-like, having mostly sand, but the occasional shrub was around. Aware of someone entering, many of the guards eagerly check out who or what. How surprised those still in full or half armour were to find the she-wolf with the violet eye having returned to this place. This place is like a city of its own, the log constructs taking up the spaces like hand-crafted cabins, but stretched like a street. Among those guards are not just felines, but also canines, as if my residence long since inspired opening jobs and residence to them. To stand out in the group watching me is the few felines saying with excitement, “It’s Big Sister!”, “Big Sister’s back!”, or “Big Sister’s home!” Just hearing that even now fills my heart with warmth. I stop for one watching me, to give him a big hug. That one in particular is a wolf like I, though nothing like wolves of this country. He’s slender, but as tall as I am and has partially-defined muscles, which I can tell as he wears no shirt, even when this evening air is cold. He has a white chest and chin, but still has a stripe along his upper chest as brown as the rest of his fur, except for his white and black tail. His nose is black, his eyes brown as well, but brighter. He wears black leather pants and none of his armour. Once the embrace ends, the wolf comments, “It’s been too long, Sister.” “I know, Themba”, I reply. He then states, “If only you were here two days ago, I could have requested a cake made for you.” I sidestep with, “I still received a good birthday present.” To that, Themba chuckles. He then says, “Well, come say hello to the cubs.” I head to the house far from the cabins making for the security’s quarters. Along the way, I query, “Anything yeh’ve bin up ta?” Themba says, “I still work to prove my skills even with what control I have of the guards.” “But you earnt yer position.” “The High Priestess sees something in me that she admires; I give credit to ‘er for that. But I feel like I haven’t had enough training.” “Don’t we all?” I’m willing to admit to having room for improvement myself. “You think your friend the arctic fox was underqualified for such an esteemed position. Why shouldn’t I think the same of myself?” He does pause, but I don’t answer as he doesn’t expect one. “Something takes years of experience. An early promotion over being short on staff is not the best choice.” Confused, I ask, “You didn’t lose guards or agents, did yeh?” “Of course we have, Sister. It is expected as the agents are sent on dangerous missions.” The conversation has to await its finish as we reach the white stone house with glass windows. It has a bell tower with stained glass, making it seem like a crudely-built chapel. Themba is the one to push the large wooden doors open, showing a very familiar space to me. There were two neat rows of beds on simple metal frames, the sheets plain, and almost all of them are occupied by various felines as well as canines. The cubs show their excitement, scrambling toward where Themba and I are, exclaiming, “It’s her!”, “It’s the Big Sister!”, “She’s back!”, and “Big Sister!” They begin to fight to make sure they get to hug me. I try to make myself heard among the arguing and grunting, speaking, “Don’t shove. Everyone gets a hug from me.” I nudge the nearest ones away, so I can get down on one knee, and I give them an embrace, three or four at a time. I don’t rule out how the cubs know of how I treated the others when I was their age, but I go with it. With each and every one of them getting my affection, I stand up. By that time, Themba is away, probably at the grand temple. I speak, “Sorry to say I have no items t-give yeh.” As if they didn’t hear that, the cubs’ voices overlap, asking, “What bad guys did you beat up?”, “Did you get in a big bar fight?”, “Who did you free from oppression?”, and “Did you make any of those bad guys cry?” Those are only a few that I make out. I answer casually, “I have faced and slain many since my last visit. I have crippled operations and humiliated gangs.” That makes the cubs cheer, and I smile, lost with words. One significant question is from a silver fox: “Can yeh show yer swords this time?” I answer to that. “Not this time. And they’re called Khopeshes.” The silver fox moans in disappointment. “I just came to let you know that I haven’t forgotten this place, and I will always do what I can t-keep it in business.” A lioness cub asks, “Can you stay to tell a story?” It is late for them, and they like stories as much as any young animal. I know that the High Priestess does not mind me taking a few minutes to give a short story to them. I wait for all the cubs to get together on two beds, as if they needed listen closely. Many sit on the edge of one bed whereas others make space to invite me to the other, and I sit down, the ones occupying being around me. Only a select few manage to nestle to my sides. Just admiring the energy of theirs, I look around contently. Then, I begin: “Everyone knows of the Underworld ruler Kumhep, but not everyone knows of his past life. Kumhep had everything that one could ask for: a loving wife, thriving livestock, and his contribution to society. For all the work of his grain harvesting, his fruit growth, and the comfort for his goats, he was thankful for but one man: his brother, Sehmi.” I go into the story of how the brother is betrayed by Kumhep’s wife, which drives Kumhep to kill him, but Sehmi resurrects and lives in self-exile until he becomes a loyal servant to an esteemed king, and then his advisor. How the wife catches up with Sehmi and kills him two other times, until the wife dies giving birth to a reincarnation. How Kumhep realises that death is part of the balance, and becomes the judge for all dying souls alongside the soul of a king that dies centuries earlier, who creates the realm for souls of the dead to reside. I finish with: “And the first dying soul the Kumhep judges for which kind of afterlife is deserved, is that of the king to whom Sehmi had pledged, a king who reigned honourably.” The same lioness cub to make the general request, speaks, “What can Kumhep do when he reigns the Underworld?” “His own heart and soul are so powerful that he has bound them to the realm. This grants him the power to bind all souls of evil to the darkness, which he manipulates.” A leopard nestled to my left, requests, “Tell us the first time Kumhep steps out in the mortal realm.” I chuckle at that, before I state, “Sorry, Lad. I promised to tell only one story.” The sky has almost gone completely dark by the time I’m finished the story. Though they would refuse to say so, a few show signs of weariness. I stand up slowly, making the cubs scramble from me. I hear the groan as they prepare to turn in for the night. As I feel compelled to, I stay to make sure that they all occupy their beds. When I see all of them make themselves comfortable for the night, I announce contently, “Sweet dreams.” That’s when I head out of the living quarters and back to the sand and stones. I pass an area of stones held together by cement and head left, to a real pavement which is cut off by a wooden border in the ground. My destination in particular is a large dark-grey structure kept simple, but with the intricate details of stained-glass windows like the churches in the cities, and the heads at the corners each being that of one animal. On the front of this temple are a lion and a jackal. On the back are a hyaena and a crocodile. The pair of large wooden doors dyed red have not lost their brightness. I turn the one knob on the door that opens inwards, and the hinges creak as I enter the torchlit atmosphere. The altar is occupied by an intricate golden throne with patterns of bushes on each side. The mosaic rock floor is occupied by six wooden pews. Only one idol sculpture is inside, and it is that of a lioness in a robe, made black like the wall as if it were carved into that stone. It even has the pattern of a headdress and necklaces. At the altar is one person, a cat. Someone who means a lot to me. This cat is like no other to me. She has bright silver fur, short black stripes on the crown of her head, and on her cheeks, her eyes bright green and seeming perpetually wide. She is clad in a long-sleeved and loose-fitting robe, concealing whatever tunic and trousers she has underneath, a blue sash as a belt, another blue sash over her shoulder and across, and a bone necklace. Upon reaching the altar, I get down on one knee and bend over, facing the floor. “Rise, my child”, the silver cat tells me, as if she starts a song. How I love that musical voice of hers. I face her again, humble as I can be, but expressing my love, and announced, “I missed you, High Priestess, mother to all.” I am still knelt down, given her position. As a cat, she is much shorter than me, but her metaphorical heart could take up all space of the temple. Upon leaving the embrace, I stand up, needing to look down at her now, but she is held in much higher honour than mine. “Let us sit”, she says calmly. “You can tell me all about your adventure in de concrete jungle.” She loves nature so much that this place is near a good 35 square kilometres of greenery. We seat in the front bench, where I begin to explain—with “It has been done.” I pause. She knows what I have been after. “That place of oppression is gone. The owner and guards are all dead, the slaves liberated. I know who controlled it. All I need know now is how else to get to him. It made so much of a headline that it was all over the news. There will be many after me, of course.” I pull out a pouch, which I present to the High Priestess. “This is fer you. It is not much, but I always wish to aid your cause.” She sounds nonchalant, replying, “I still appreciate your kindness, my child.” I lean forward, asking, “In a time of need, what would Pasht—the Pasht from the ancient lore—do? What would she do when overwhelmed by enemies, without relying on divine magic?” Understanding my worry, she explains, “Strength and strategy are two sides of the same coin. If numerous enemies make sure you cannot stand, they cannot do so forever. Your recovery must be accounted for, if you wish to settle de score. If a fight ending with your loss is a mistake from which you can learn, Pasht would continue to fight with honour. If your survival depends on lower numbers, Pasht would show no mercy. Traps for graverobbers are tests that can be taken only once.” I nod. “I am wary of me surroundings and I do fight as if me life depends on it. Is that all I can do?” “We cannot see the future or read minds. All warriors rely on their own skill.” “You are right, as always, High Priestess.” “I do not fault you fer dis path you take. I hear how de population struggles as well as my agents know.” “’Tis like a world of the wild: a matter of you or them.” She adds with obvious encouragement, “And together we persevere.” She takes my hands in hers, small as they are, those hands having influenced me to handle others with care, and adds, “I do not fault, either, for why you come back. You owe me for nothing, my child.” “You and almost everyone here is like me family, High Priestess. I would protect you, your followers, and the cubs until the end.” “Whatever business you may have, go to it. You need not worry about me, for this place is safe.” “I will still see you and the others again. You will know from an unexpected telephone contact. This is farewell, for now.” I stand up, but not without bowing to her esteem, and then head out. On my way out, I end up meeting my wolf friend Themba, walking with me to the gate. “Already seein’ yer way out?” Themba speaks. I reply, “I could wait until morning, but it would make no difference.” “Perhaps you could reconsider”, he suggests. “I did not come here to spend the night; even the High Priestess knows.” “Then why did you bring your Khopeshes?” Themba inquires. He is right to. My visit is not for a fight; not even a spar. I state, “Yeh make a valid argument.” He bares his teeth as a grin and quietly motions for me to follow him. Where he guides me first is the dojo, where I rely on their grinding wheel, to sharpen my blades, and check thrice before I confirm the sharpness. I have learned to rely on the edge as well as the whole blade when choosing two Khopeshes as my primary weapon. Some people rely on the blade itself more than the edge. With a dull edge, one can’t even cut meat for their meal without ripping it. Themba has been my close friend since he was taken in, and trained to be a guard. We are so close that I sleep in his bed, cuddling as if we are lovers, though we are not. Only when the sun rises, I take my breakfast and eat along the ride to the train of the station that I ride back to Knightsedge.
  9. From the album: Personal Art

    Art of my character forest for a late easter art contest
  10. KiaraSLZ


    Shadowy Shadow I had a time of inspiration and offered my friend a portrait. I have never drawn her, so it was quite pleasant to picture her fursona. ^_^ You can find me also there: DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Inkbunny, Facebook , Instagram, Twitter Made by @KiaraSLZ Character belongs to Shadow Please do not use, edit, copy or re-upload art without prior permission.

    © KiaraSLZ

  11. KiaraSLZ

    Matyldzio Fursona

    Matyldzio Fursona Art made to design a fursona for Matyldzio. You can find me also there: DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Inkbunny, Facebook , Instagram, Twitter Made by @KiaraSLZ Character belongs to Matyldzio Please do not use, edit, copy or re-upload art without prior permission.

    © KiaraSLZ

  12. Birthday gift for IbilisSLZ I and @FuzzyMaro realised that we missed a birthday of @IbilisSLZ, so we made up a plan to prepare surprise package, that included our artwork and some other stuff. I'm really proud how ths art looks. I made up 2-3 sketches in pencil, then a clean lineart with fineliner and only after that I starded with another one - final color version. Chosing colors was a bit tricky, because he doesn't have a refsheet. :P You can find me also there: DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Inkbunny, Facebook , Instagram, Twitter Made by @KiaraSLZ Character belongs to @IbilisSLZ Please do not use, edit, copy or re-upload art without prior permission.

    © KiaraSLZ

  13. FuzzyMaro

    Natural energies

    The character is sitting surrounded by mystical plants. There is aloe, basil, vetiver, bamboo, mint, jasmine, thyme, vines and a palm tree. This commission was a great challenge and I needed to be very careful working with all these shades of green. Watercolors, a4 size Character belongs to Tal Brightmoon. Do not copy or use!
  14. Personal site | FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Tumblr | NewGrounds | Instagram | Twitter | FurryLife | Telegram Channel This drawing has been previously shared on our Patreon! A small personal work of my character Sataniel during the terrible nuclear war she had to fight. She's fine now don't worry XD Story time! In my setting, Sataniel has been created by Natura (a spiritual being which allowed the evolution and survival of life on Earth) and is the first Guardian designated to exterminate the human species after World War III; nuclear weapons have been used and this afflicted other forms of life living on the planet, bringing Natura to insanity because of the pain. Natura was sincerely fascinated by human culture and was loosely inspired by their mythology when creating and naming Sataniel. This young daughter of hers, purposely built to be immune to radiation and born as an adult, fought humans with pure rage, feeling nothing but hatred towards the beasts who were making her mother suffer. A thousand years passed and humans were somehow still alive (in a world similar to this one); Sataniel began to understand the strong human drive to survival. Such comprehension made her object to and thus withdraw from the 'Last Act', a cataclysmic event which saw the new Guardians born during the last millennium exterminate all forms of life on Earth other than themselves. In the end, Natura gave birth to new cellular life and went to sleep, trying to recover from the Last Act which left her severely weakened; all Guardians but Sataniel fell asleep underground as well, waiting for any new event which might require their action. Sataniel remained awake for thousands upon thousands of years, studying how life evolved, learning the secrets her hunger for knowledge drove her to seek; this changed her foverer. When humans appeared again about 4 million years later, she was still there, lurking in the shadows; her abilities had become powerful to the point that she was capable of creating new forms of life, directly manipulating the genetic code. There's a lot more to tell about her, but as usual that would be a big spoiler for some people. I will make sure to update this little story when the right time will come. Character/Artist: ©Alita_Berserker Software: Clip Studio Paint 1.9.7 | Hardware: Lenovo Miix 700 Consider becoming a Patreon to get early access to drawings, see WIP and have more benefits! www.patreon.com/FyreAlita If you like our work please consider supporting us! Ko-Fi | Shinies Any critique/suggestion is well accepted! DO NOT USE, UPLOAD OR MODIFY THE PICTURE WITHOUT MY WRITTEN CONSENT.

    © Creative Common License (no modification, no usage in any way, no attribution, no reposting)

  15. Update/Custom for CrypticMonster :3 Had a lot of fun, especially with a slight 'corruption' theme ^^ ============================================== If you'd like to support me, see some of how I do my thing, or just want a goody or two monthly, subscribe to my Patreon! <3 I'd love to have you~
  16. Personal site | FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Tumblr | NewGrounds | Instagram | Twitter | FurryLife | Telegram Channel Art trade with my friend FlyingCaptain from a design I did last summer! This piece required a lot of time to be completed (procrastination was one of the reasons :<). I wanted to challenge myself in drawing a lineless picture and well, it has been quite hard! But the final result is stunning in my opinion! What do you think? :D Characters: ©FlyingCaptain on FurAffinity Artist: ©Alita_Berserker Software: Clip Studio Paint 1.9.7 | Hardware: Lenovo Miix 700 Consider becoming a Patreon to get early access to drawings, see WIP and have more benefits! www.patreon.com/FyreAlita If you like our work please consider supporting us! Ko-Fi | Shinies Any critique/suggestion is well accepted! DO NOT USE, UPLOAD OR MODIFY THE PICTURE WITHOUT MY WRITTEN CONSENT.

    © Creative Common License (no modification, no usage in any way, no attribution, no reposting)

  17. Art burned on a wooden box lid and painted with acrylics. The item is varnished with a transparent lacquer. How does the opened box look: photo Interested in a wooden box? Feel free to message me on Twitter, Facebook or Telegram (FuzzyMaro)
  18. Character sheet done for Serratia of her amazing original character :) Commissions are open!
  19. FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Tumblr | NewGrounds | Instagram | Twitter | FurryLife | Telegram Channel A small series of sketches I did on the bus when I was coming back from school of my three dragonesses characters Nahimana, Nelliel and Kyoko in their humanoid form. Nahimana and Nelliel live in the same city called Longstarn, while Kyoko ia part of the same Universe of Alita and Fyre. Characters/Artist: ©Alita_Berserker on FurAffinity Materials: nameless paper [~90g/m²], H Faber Castell pencil. Consider becoming a Patreon to get early access to drawings, see WIP and have more benefits! www.patreon.com/FyreAlita If you like our work please consider supporting us! Ko-Fi | Shinies Any critique/suggestion is well accepted! DO NOT USE, UPLOAD OR MODIFY THE PICTURE WITHOUT MY WRITTEN CONSENT.

    © Creative Common License (no modification, no usage in any way, no attribution, no reposting)

  20. Fluffy fox girl's semi real ref! Commissions are open :)
  21. Custom Gryphon design <3 Was feeling some springy vibes with it! For IckyPossum! ============================================== If you'd like to support me, see some of how I do my thing, or just want a goody or two monthly, subscribe to my Patreon! <3 I'd love to have you~
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