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  1. Leonick Adish

    Leonick Adish

    Two telegram stickers for Leonick Adish! I had a lot of fun with these, I really like doing couple stickers, they're so dynamic and I can experiment so much with the poses. The commissioners were kind enough to let me do an experimental shading on the pieces! I may offer them as an option in the...
  2. That Night Was Lit!

    That Night Was Lit!

  3. Rose~


  4. Pie


    Someone's very excited to finally taste this apple pie.
  5. Us Rendered.png

    Us Rendered.png

    Gift to my boyfriend
  6. Hottie


    Linguee said hottie is a synonym for hot-water bottle. XD
  7. Snowy park

    Snowy park

    Commission for BorderGabe on Twitter !


    2 famous knights, a Cobalion, and a Keldeo, the 2 have known each other for 20 years, Ferrum having been Brook's mentor, the two of them fight to uphold justice and protect the people of their kingdom, they're also gay and have been married for quite a while, when they fight together, there's no...
  9. Rat Lounge

    Rat Lounge

    Myr and Freya Crescent lounging together, a couple of squeakhearts.
  10. Pillowfort


    I looked up pillowfort references for this picture and there were quite a few which don't look like children have created them but adults, hehehe.
  11. Opposites


    Couple chibi icons! Showing both personalities are opposite but still lovin' eachother <3 This was so cute to work on I enjoyed it alot!
  12. Cocoa


  13. Kiss


    The next picture I've drawn for my cozy challenge. A bit sloppy because I was in a hurry. It's actually fun for me to look through the pictures and see alternating sloppy and less sloppy pictures. XD I have 17 already (so 13 still to upload), but I think I'll trickle them into here instead of...
  14. Just you and me under a tree | DRAWN BY: sp19047

    Just you and me under a tree | DRAWN BY: sp19047

  15. Christmas Icons 2020

    Christmas Icons 2020

    Do not trace, edit, copy, or repost. You do not have permission to use these characters or art. Character and Art © me Gizmo © Gizmothelion   Took a little bit of free time and turned it into Christmas icons for the hubby and I. Is much cute. &lt;3       Posted using Post
  16. Biscuit


    29 days left until 2021 and today's prompt is biscuit!
  17. Fireplace


    30 days left until 2021! This is the second day of my cozy countdown with the prompt "fireplace". I love this doodle style, it's quite quick!
  18. Grease


    Just an older pic i colored of Stirling and Daisy being cute together.
  19. Nuzzle (by Belovedfoxx)

    Nuzzle (by Belovedfoxx)

    Just Jade and Myste being adorable Jade (left) owned by me Myste (right) owned by Sevonic
  20. Snug


    love u @spagooter Posted using PostyBirb