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  1. Summertime! ♥

    Summertime! ♥

  2. Henrietta the egg warmer bellringer

    Henrietta the egg warmer bellringer

  3. Scary teeth and a cheeky blep

    Scary teeth and a cheeky blep

  4. Heartthrob~


  5. Pride Pop!

    Pride Pop!

  6. Leonidas stickers

    Leonidas stickers

  7. Sveni, Avatar

    Sveni, Avatar

  8. YCH Valentine's Day stickers 2020

    YCH Valentine's Day stickers 2020

  9. Commission - Tixie

    Commission - Tixie

  10. Just Chilling~

    Just Chilling~

  11. Pizza with frends

    Pizza with frends

  12. YCH Valentine's Day 2020

    YCH Valentine's Day 2020

  13. [G] KeyLimeBat

    [G] KeyLimeBat

    A gift for my very good friend KeyLimeBat who had a birthday recently!
  14. Rainbow Fox

    Rainbow Fox

    A drawing I did recently of my rainbow fox character named Faux. He was designed by n00ney!
  15. [C] CJ0125

    [C] CJ0125

    Pride icon commission for CJ0125.
  16. [C] _floofthepoof_

    [C] _floofthepoof_

    Icon commission for _floofthepoof_.
  17. [C] CheetahObscura

    [C] CheetahObscura

    Pride icon commission for CheetahObscura.
  18. [C] kalico_koi

    [C] kalico_koi

    Pride icon commission for kalico_koi.
  19. [C] Ferwildir

    [C] Ferwildir

    Pride icon commission for Ferwildir.
  20. Found


    Made this when I was feeling really euphoric about my gender identity. My pronouns are they/them only!