1. 2020 Nimbus Reference

    2020 Nimbus Reference

    new reference for Nimbus!
  2. Blood - Cityverse

    Blood - Cityverse

    Jake breathes deep, pain racking his body. Blood drips down his face, and torn hands. At least his suit is ok. But damn, they just had to break his glasses. Fucking expensive as hell, and some lil shit just had to pick a fight with him. Cocky lil ass. At least he's down on his ass, while Jake remain
  3. Oliver


  4. horubis dutch reference sheet

    horubis dutch reference sheet

    commission that i made of this amazing dutch angel dragon!
  5. Happy bday old timer

    Happy bday old timer

  6. Badge


  7. [GIFT] i take my pills

    [GIFT] i take my pills

    and i’m happy all the time — — — a gift for an instagram pal 
  8. Vent art

    Vent art

  9. Best dad

    Best dad

  10. Ready for a vacay

    Ready for a vacay

  11. Enjoying a cup of joe

    Enjoying a cup of joe

  12. Many friends

    Many friends

    Other characters have owners
  13. Wise guy

    Wise guy

  14. Done with your crap

    Done with your crap

  15. Hawaiian blues

    Hawaiian blues

  16. Curtis bio

    Curtis bio

    Full name: Curtis Carnevoros Age: 43 D.O.B: 01/01 Species: Lion Height: 11 feet Abilities: n/a Status: Macro Occupation: Tailor/store owner Mother: Mrs. Carnevoros Father: Mr. Carnevoros Wife: Katherine Carnevoros Son: Charlie Carnevoros Adoptive son:
  17. Spooky boye!

    Spooky boye!

    did a pfp for my Autumn themed DAD character! For my use only
  18. Curtis and Kevin play hide and seek

    Curtis and Kevin play hide and seek

    I have a feeling this game of hide and seek was just an excuse for Kevin to relax in his dad's mane. Just a feeling. I love the idea of Kevin asking Curtis if he could use his mane as a hiding spot and him just going along with it. It's dumb but strangely wholesome and puts a smile on my face. And
  19. Duke meets William

    Duke meets William

    Don't worry William, Duke will be gentle. You're in good hands, literally. For some context, Patrick is a hybrid. Duke (his dad) being a dog, and his mother was a cat. Since I'm posting this before I finish making and uploading the updated ref sheets and bios, it might be a bit confusing without pr
  20. Happy father's day!

    Happy father's day!

    Wanted to make something special for father's day, so I made a cute drawing of Curtis with all three of his kids, Charlie (the one on the left), William, and Kevin (the happy boi on his head~