1. Ben x Lucy Family

    Ben x Lucy Family

    The last pic of them for now with their daughter who will join Marcus. And another one on the way.
  2. Wolf x Luna with Daughter

    Wolf x Luna with Daughter

    The last pic of Wolf and Luna for now. And with their beatiful little daughter Riukku. She loves her mom and daddy very much. And her shirt shows she's Wolf's little Princess. He's very fond and protective of her. Like it was mentioned before if you're not the right guy in his eyes you're not dating
  3. Tag x Tamira Daughter and growing Family

    Tag x Tamira Daughter and growing Family

    Back to these two and one last pic before I'm finished uploading them all. The real Tag and Tamira with their daughter who's telling them that most likely it's me and Meika at the door. And Tamira's pregnant with Tag's child again as it should be. The future that will happen.
  4. Me x Fara plus Krysi and final child

    Me x Fara plus Krysi and final child

    A pic of me and my darling Fara with out fourth child, or a version of it. And little Krysi who I have no idea if I'll ever draw again due to the trouble her owner has given me.
  5. Final Touches

    Final Touches

    He should have left a bit of milk and cookies, but I'm sure no one will mind if he just gets some more for the kitchen! For Kosack  Support me on Patreon for unwatermarked early access, high resolution, PSDs, and more! Rewards start at as low as $1! Visit my website for galleries and com
  6. She loves her dad.png

    She loves her dad.png

  7. Kiri Dad

    Kiri Dad

    Kirishima would be a great dad!