1. kofi demon

    kofi demon

  2. ollpha costume

    ollpha costume

  3. ollpha but spooky eye

    ollpha but spooky eye

  4. ollpha but spooky

    ollpha but spooky

  5. burnin


  6. toothbrushing


  7. Keres (SFW)

    Keres (SFW)

  8. Rooftop


    Me, finishing something? No goddam way. "Finished". Lazy shading job but I really just wanted to get this presentable after it's been a WIP since November.
  9. All Of Me

    All Of Me

    So this is a piece I've been working on for a few months now, and now it's finally finished and ready to show, behold, all of my fursonas, their various forms, and Acacia's personal mech, all together in one place for all to see!!! Everyone Is Here!
  10. [G] SHORK

    [G] SHORK

  11. [G] Orson

    [G] Orson

  12. a small Liv

    a small Liv

  13. hazardous


  14. Faze


  15. grabby feets

    grabby feets

  16. Abel the Demon

    Abel the Demon

    My edgiest boy! He’s been around for ages, but I still love him so much!
  17. The Yannick saga

    The Yannick saga

    Here it is shown that a demon attacks a city and everyone thinks they are lost, but a Hero suddenly arrives to save them and is nothing more and nothing less than the legendary Hero, Yannick. That the latter gives a hard battle to that great demon and manages to defeat him and the demon swears...
  18. Long day afterwork

    Long day afterwork

  19. Tendercember Day 25 - Gift

    Tendercember Day 25 - Gift

  20. Tendercember Day 21 - Christmas Lights

    Tendercember Day 21 - Christmas Lights