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donald trump

  1. AsylumPatient

    The Taliban just endorsed Trump??

    Things I never expected to read ._. what does this say for the country?
  2. alyazabirze

    so trump just shot down stimulus talks until after the election

    i sincerely hope you were not counting on getting another check from the government, whether that was another lump sum of $1,200 or unemployment benefits or whatever else
  3. J

    So Trump got Covid

    So apparently Trump got Covid, so what would one rate this on the karma scale? I'd say a 10/10 personally, so much for it being a "hoax" huh?
  4. Arris

    So, how about that presidential debate?

    Now that my Twitter's been killed by Steven from Minecraft, I realize I haven't really caught up on that debate. What do you folks think about it?
  5. Arris

    Trump Fails to Promise a Peaceful Transition of Power After The Polls

    Wow, holy shit. I'm probably not reaching out to anyone who was going to be voting for Trump anyway, by posting here on FL;O, but jesus. If anyone is still seriously considering supporting for him, just know that he wants to break the rules, stay in power for as long as he can in doing so, and...
  6. alyazabirze

    What are your plans if Trump wins in 2020?

    i'll be that person and drop this line of inquisition, because i know this is: 1) really not that unlikely, unfortunately 2) pretty relatable to most of the people here, since a lot of people (including myself!) are in this boat and--especially based on the unambiguously fascist trajectory the...