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  1. J

    So can we talk about how garbage the idea of "reaching out" to trump supporters is?

    Christ this is a mentality I've seen a bit on twitter and it infuriates me. Soooo anybody else agree that the idea of "emphasizing" With those who voted trump is? There's this dumb idea that "oh now they know how we felt in 2016" which is dumb because if they felt that way then it means people...
  2. Stegladon

    What are your plans now that Biden has won?

    Biden is now our future president. The entire country breaths a deep sigh of relief. Now what do we do? Do you have any goals? First of all I’m makin celebratory sketti tonight. Second of all, I plan on becoming 100% louder about my politics and even more radical. And I’m going to try to get...
  3. Flareon

    USA Electoral Map predictions

    If you're around this section of the forums, it stands to reason that you have a grasp on current politics. As such, you probably have ideas for how the US states will vote in the upcoming election. Using this site: https://www.270towin.com/ , lets try to make some predictions, and see if any...
  4. T

    I'm Going to Run For Mayor of NYC. And That's Official

    Alright guys, I have some big news: I'm going to wander this earth for a few years on a realistic scale to take care of personal things, and if all goes to plan, I am then running for Mayor of NYC I kept wavering in my resolve, but I've been deliberating so much, and I've finally made up my...
  5. S

    November elections

    I suspect Trump will win the election in the coming weeks >.>
  6. TaytoSeal

    Ballot Harvesting Operation by Republicans.

    Republican Congressman Devin Nunes encouraging republicans to have a "Robust" Ballot Harvesting operation on FOX news. This 'tactic' is illegal in 49 states and is everything Republicans projected that Democrats would be doing. They are doing this through the use of Fake Ballot Boxes in not...
  7. Venthas

    In a move that shocks noone...

    The California GOP is setting up fake ballot boxes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/siladityaray/2020/10/12/california-republicans-set-up-unofficial-ballot-drop-off-boxes-deemed-illegal-by-state-officials/ This is most definitely illegal.
  8. Arris

    Trump Fails to Promise a Peaceful Transition of Power After The Polls

    Wow, holy shit. I'm probably not reaching out to anyone who was going to be voting for Trump anyway, by posting here on FL;O, but jesus. If anyone is still seriously considering supporting for him, just know that he wants to break the rules, stay in power for as long as he can in doing so, and...
  9. alyazabirze

    What are your plans if Trump wins in 2020?

    i'll be that person and drop this line of inquisition, because i know this is: 1) really not that unlikely, unfortunately 2) pretty relatable to most of the people here, since a lot of people (including myself!) are in this boat and--especially based on the unambiguously fascist trajectory the...